We use a structured learning technique that is similar to
how Japanese children learn how to speak.

Are you having difficulty learning Japanese? 
Memorizing words, understanding grammar, and gaining your listening skills…
If you want to learn Japanese effortlessly, you should know the right learning structure first.

Talk to one of our Japanese speech coaches to learn our method to become a Japanese Speaker in 2 months👆

99% is Learning Structure.

Have you ever felt frustrated that you can’t speak Japanese even though you have been studying Japanese for so long or your Japanese is not improving even though you have lived in Japan for a long time? It is said that Japanese is the most difficult language in the world. Investing time without a learning structure will not bring results. Therefore, Japan Language Factory offers strategic bilingual training as well as language instruction.

Knowing Does Not Make You Skilled

knowledge is theoretical and skills are practical. You can study Japanese through textbooks but this only makes you knowledgeable about the Japanese language; but at the end of the day, you can’t speak Japanese. To become good at speaking Japanese, you must do the right speaking training through trial and error. Japan Language Factory provides the right speaking training.

Interviewed on TV TOKYO

Build your confidence to speak Japanese✊

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The right learning method

We coach you on the right learning methods to get results in 2 months.
Your personal trainer will coach you on the right learning method to get results in 2 months.


We support you to achieve your goals while learning Japanese according to your events such as getting a job, getting married, traveling, etc.


We will teach you how to study independently at home for 30 minutes every day, and we will teach you how to study and train yourself so that you can speak Japanese in 2 months.

Make the world bilingual.

Thousands of Japanese language schools are only concentrating on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, with no real conversation training, resulting in foreigners who can’t speak Japanese getting lost in Japan.
Our mission is not to support everyone in the world to become truly bilingual.

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Build your confidence
to speak.

You can find easily langauge schools that teach you how to spell, how to read letters, what is Japanese grammar. But still, you are not sure how to speak Japanese properly. After many years of learning, many years of living in Japan. Why people are still not sure how to speak properly. We have a certain method to help your memorization, boost speaking and build your confidence. 

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