🔥7 ways to tell your passion during a Japanese interview.❤️



Learn 7 ways to tell your passion during the interview!

With my messages, you learned the most frequently asked questions, answers, and attitudes.
If you’re not prepared enough, you may not be able to answer the questions, or you may be too nervous to tell what is important.
If you make mistakes too much, you may not be able to pass.
Get ready to pass the Japanese company.🔥
When you’re thinking about the answers for an interview, what you really want to say is to tell your passion. In other words, how to show your motivation.
So, Learn 7 ways to tell your passion during the interview.
Passion 1, Study enough about the company.🖋
For example, you want to go to Sony.
Search Sony’s business development.
Learn about business development such as Sony Music, Sony Insurance, Sony Electronics, Sony Bank, Sony Entertainment, etc., and read the features and the message of the president carefully.
Passion 2, A fan of the company.❤️
Once you get to know the company well, tell them what you especially like and what you respect.
For Sony, it would be great to be able to talk about the details of Sony’s PlayStation and how it differs from the Xbox.
Passion 3, Facial expression, and intonation.😆
Sure, you may memorize the sentences for the interview, but when you speak like a robot, the listener is boring and they can see that you memorized them.
Talk with facial expressions, tension, and intonation.
Passion 4, Looking at the future.🌍
Let’s talk about the future, not just the past and the present.
Talking about the future of the company and saying your own goals can also tell you that you are a positive person who can achieve your goals.
Passion 5, Talk about failure experiences.😭
Life never goes perfectly.
The same is true for companies.
Japanese companies want people who can work together in teamwork in any situation.
Prove that you are not an easy person to give up by talking about your experiences of failure and success.
Passion 6, Share dreams.✴️
People who have no dreams seem to work for a company with only money.
Share what you want to do and your dreams.
The best thing is that you can say that your dream will come true at the company you want to go to.
Passion 7, Humility, and a balance of passion.
Speaking only of passion, it can seem self-centered.
While combining humility and the sober part that you can do your best!
I hope you can tell your passion to the Japanese company that you want to go to!
How was it?
If you can learn Japanese and give a perfect presentation, go to many interviews at 10, 100, or 1000 Japanese companies and find your best job.
Life is only once.
You don’t have to be in a job you don’t like or in a place you don’t like.
Study and find the best place and the best job.
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