🔥(SONY) How can I answer "Why do you apply for our company?

I’m so honored to introduce this spectacular Japanese company Sony.
Sony Electronics, sony entertainment, sony music, sony bank, sony insurance, etc.
They have very high technology and has very diverse business.
If you can be a part of the sony group, I’m sure your future is full of excitement. 
Today I would like to share the most common questions in a Japanese job interview.
(Why do you apply for our company?)
The example at Sony as a sound engineer.
(I applied for your company because I wanted to provide high-quality sound.
Since high school, I have been particular about audio systems, buying a lot of speakers, and playing the guitar.)
Every answer is a maximum of 1 minute.
Speak clearly. Why you applied, reason 1,2,3. 
What do you want to do at Sony?
It’s not easy to go to one of the top Japanese companies in the world. But it’s not impossible. If you prepare perfectly, you have a high possibility to enter a Japanese company in your future… So let’s start preparing with me.
Let’s make your perfect Japanese presentation!
Sony Recruit
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