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What should you do when you can't understand what Japanese people talk about?

Hi! This is Terumi. 😃
Today is the last day of our ten-day curriculum, and I want to thank you all for reading for the last 10 days! I will also continue delivering some messages to share more methods and news for you and also If you seriously want to do the training 
your Japanese speaking with me.
We have 2 powerful courses.
The QuickStart Course and The Master Course.
Today, the last day is the listening part.

It’s not that difficult to introduce yourself perfectly on your own,
but it takes 5, 10, 20 years, or more to become a perfect listener.
This is because you need a lot of experience.
I’ve been speaking English for about 6 years now, and it’s not uncommon for me to find that different people have different accents, and sometimes I really don’t know what they’re saying, sentence by sentence.
For example, an American’s English is completely different from a Scotsman’s English.
It’s the same with the Japanese.
Japanese spoken by people in the Tohoku region is completely different from Japanese spoken in Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyushu.
Various Japanese people have different thinking ways.
Depending on the people, topic, reaction, thinking way are
all different. you need to experience.
you need to start speaking now to learn Japaense people to have the best conversation.
What you need today for being a better Japanese speaker,
is to meet many Japanese people and talk to Japanese people 
even online, social media. 
This experience will change your life on the most important day that
you really need to speak the best Japanese.
I changed my life with my communication skills.
Because the people bring you the best opportunities.
But we need the ability to get this opportunity.
This time, If you can’t talk anything, you will lose.
Time is money. Chance is not coming all the time.
Don’t lose any chance.

The QuickStart Course

3 hours long value-packed lesson to learn how to train your Japanese speaking skills on your own  today.

2 Months Japaense Master Course

One-on-one session and group session to master your Japaense speaking. Lifetime valued course.

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