😅9 Taboo behaviors during an interview in Japan



Learn what you shouldn't do during an interview.

You already know the questions and answers at the time of the interview from our previous messages.

After that, you just need to practice speaking Japanese for the interviews.
Facial expressions and gestures are also important.
If you are too nervous and your voice is quiet,
You may look unconfident and might not be hired.
Let’s practice speaking well! 😃
If you want to practice with a professional, please feel free to contact us🔥
Well, today, we have already learned the questions and answers, now it’s time for an interview!!

Learn what you shouldn’t do during an interview.

You’ve prepared the perfect answer, but you don’t want to fall
into the interview because of your gestures and behavior.
9 Taboo behaviors during an interview in Japan😅
1. Be late / arrive too early
Arrive at the interview about 15 minutes before.
2. No Greetings
おはようございます。 in the morning.
If the daytime, こんにちは。 Or, どうも。

Let’s greet everyone every time when you meet somebody.
3, Your voice is small
The low voice during the interview is a problem.
Because they can’t hear you, they think you are a person who can’t communicate.
Let’s talk so that they can hear you.
4, Smells
You haven’t taken a bath, so it smells.😅
Or, you put too much perfume on it and it smells too strong.😆
Let’s make sure there is no smell.
5, Clothes are dirty
Depending on the company, there are suit interviews and plainclothes interviews.
In any case, dress cleanly even zoom interviews.
6. There is no sense of cleanliness😂
Cleanliness is not just about clothes. Hairstyles, makeup, and shoes are the same. Cleanliness is self-management and self-expression.
Let’s go to the interview in a clean dress even zoom interviews.
7. Too casual Japanese words.
Even if you are a foreigner, you should not use Japanese that is too casual.
Learn basic honorific Japanese.
8. You don’t listen to people
Be prepared to listen to people before, after the interview, or at the reception desk. Disturbing with people’s conversation is not very welcomed in Japan.
9. You are too nervous and your behavior is strange.😆
Everyone is nervous about the interview.
However, if the interviewer understands that you are too nervous,
you look not confident.
You have worked hard before the interview,
so you just express yourself. Let’s go with confidence.
It is also recommended to practice with a professional in advance so as not to get too nervous. That’s why we are here.

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