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😉🔥 How to start speaking today! How can you speak Japanese in 2 months?

どうして、日本語を話したいんですか?(Why do you want to be a Japanese speaker?? )
This newsletter is sharing my experience of learning languages and talk about methods to become a Japanese speaker as soon as possible. This method is for the person who wants to communicate with Japanese people and get more opportunities in your future.
For example, live in Japan, work in Japan, make Japanese friends, etc.
Absolutely you need communication skills for these purposes! 
Those who can’t wait for 20 years and need to start practicing today! 
If you study Japanese in a very common educational way,
easily takes 20 years to complete, 2,500 kanji,
50,000 words, grammar, listening, speaking everything all together…
So this is the method that you can focus on Japanese speaking
without grammar, vocabulary, and kanji.
That means I stop learning English, Greek, and German grammar.
But I can speak? why? (German is very beginner! but it’s ok to learn step by step!)
Because this method helped me so much and start speaking with natives very soon.
✅The Terumi’s Method
⭕️Step 1 Create and memorize a perfect self-introduction in Japanese.
When you meet a Japanese person today, what are you going to talk about?
First of all, you need to introduce yourself to start making a conversation deeply.
So at least, let’s introduce yourself perfectly!
Not just age and your name.
this is not the self-introduction to start making conversation!  

⭕️Step 2 Memorize the questions most asked by Japanese people
By making a self-introduction,
you don’t need to worry about what you need to say every time.
there’s no meaning to think about what should I say every time when you meet Japanese people. But now you need to memorize your self-introduction and most asked questions by Japanese people. So you can understand most asked questions and answer nicely! 
The point is memorization!! Otherwise,
you can’t speak fast or make mistakes a lot at grammar! 

Memorization is useless for reading books and watching movies.
But It’s very necessary for the conversation.

⭕️Step 3 Memorize the most useful reactions and feedback for Japanese people
The next step is definitely to give a reaction!
When you are listening to a story by a Japanese person what should you do?
after the conversation? what should you say?

⭕️Step 4 Memorize phrases that you can use when you get confused while listening.
As I said, Native people know around 50,000 words.
That’s why we need to be ready when you don’t understand you can ask them nicely!
Asking is a very good thing.
You can learn and improve Japanese forever in the real situation.
The worst thing is NO answering and is PANIC all the time!!

⭕️Step 5 Pronunciation practice.
 Pronunciation practice is necessary.
Shussin, shuushin, shuushin 
Japanese words have a lot of similarities or the same pronunciations
but different meanings. If you are not learning the correct pronunciation
The time that you will speak, the people might not understand well…
The worst thing is you study a lot, but you didn’t care about pronunciation at all!!
So the native Japanese people don’t understand you at all!!

The QuickStart Course

3 hours long value-packed lesson to learn how to train your Japanese speaking skills on your own  today.

2 Months Japaense Master Course

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