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🤔Are you confident in your Japanese pronunciation? Why you need to practice hard your pronunciation?

My name is Terumi. Thank you for reading my newsletter!
Are you making a progress at your Japanese speaking every day?
What is progress at Japanese speaking?
For example,
You can feel your pronunciation getting better!
I can speak faster than yesterday!✅
I can speak longer than yesterday!✅
I can answer much faster than yesterday!✅
I didn’t make any mistakes when I’m taking it!!✅
If you really want to be a fluent Japanese speaker,
You should see these types of progress every day.
Otherwise, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and next year is also
no much progress or zero progress at Japanese speaking.

I’ve seen many foreigners studying hiragana, katakana, and kanji hard,
but it seems that my students are the only ones who practice pronunciation hard.
Why is that?

It’s no exaggeration to say that
pronunciation is the most important aspect of speech.
If you pronounce it wrong, you are just an alien.
What I mean by that is, Japanese people have no idea what you are talking about.
There are many similar pronunciations in Japanese.
For example, as shown below, wrong pronunciation can completely change the meaning, and wrong grammar can also change the meaning.
✅Let’s try pronouncing them.
Birthplace   出身(Shusshin)
Prisoner      囚人(Shuujin)
Sleeping     就寝(Shuushin)
Whole life   終身(Shuushin)
Gravity     重心(Juushin)
Severe     重症(Juushou)
Birth      出生(Shussei)
Career     出世(Shusse)
Collection   収集(Shuushuu)
You must check to make sure that you are pronouncing the sentence you want to speak correctly. Otherwise, you’ll study hard, and when it comes time to speak,
Native Japanese people will ask you “What did you say?” all the time…
Or just through because they feel bad to ask…
Pronunciation practice is repetition.
The same sentence, repeat it until you pronounce it perfectly.
✅Begin practicing the same sentence with the sentence that is most used in Japanese conversation.= Self-introduction
✅Once you are able to pronounce the sentence,
practice pronouncing it at native speed.
You can definitely make a progress in 2 months every day.
2 months = 60 days.
If you focus on one sentence every day and repeat it correctly.
You can easily speak 60 sentences perfectly in Japanese speaking.
Imagine if you continue this way for a year,
 You can be a fluent Japanese speaker easily.
The point is you have to make a progress every day.⭕️
NOT forgetting every day!❌

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