Feel like learning Japanese is too damn hard for you?

Here’s how our street-smart learning method will pull you up to fluency…in 2 months…or less.

“Look! That’s the cool American, who’s able to join a conversation in Japanese with anyone…anytime.”

How to become fluent in Japanese without knowing a single Kanji

Countless Americans in Japan suffer the same fate. Are you one of them?

Stop Slaving Away At Grammar, Words And Kanjis…Now There’s A Better Way To Learn How To SPEAK JAPANESE LIKE A NORMAL GUY

This is what our students say about learning Japanese in JUST 2 Months

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Excellent program!  I will start visiting real estate in Japan to get a dream life with Japanese people! 

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Thanks to my teacher! I can work as a model in Japan!  Because I learned how to promote myself in Japanese!

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Thanks to this course. I am confident to run a business in Japan! Even my Japanese wife is happy!

Japan long-termer, still struggling to speak confidently?

It’s true. You can survive Japan without bothering to learn the language. But are you really okay with THAT…?

Why studying Japanese can make you feel stupid, and why it's not your fault

If you sometimes feel dumb, because it seems learning Japanese is outside your capabilities – just don’t. You are not alone, and it’s not even your fault.
The only reason for your struggle lies in the system, many language schools and online programs use.

In fact, studying 50,000 letters first…is a painfully slow progress…that can take you months…to even speak a simple sentence.

Here Is The Key To Become A Japanese Speaker In 2 Months.

After 2 Months, Speak To Native Speakers With Our Revolutionary Learning Method.

No Kanji, No Grammar, But You Can Rapidly Learn Japanese Like A Child.

I don’t have to spend hours looking at a textbook.
Now I have actual phrases that I use in my daily life.
The navigation of using the phrases that I use every day has helped me a lot.
A lot of phrases that I’ve gone over, it just automatically comes out without thinking about it.
That progress is what gets me even more and more motivated to just keep going and keep learning and to keep that gap on the pedal.

De’Shaun Gregory (USA)

Introducing: A sure-fire way to learn Japanese like a Neitibu

Have you ever thought about how perfectly fluent a child can speak in its mother tongue… long BEFORE it starts school?

WITHOUT studying grammar

WITHOUT hard-memorizing words

WITHOUT writing

WITHOUT reading

It shows, the fastest way to pick up a language naturally is to SPEAK, IMITATE and GET FEEDBACK. And that’s exactly how our tried-and-proven method has already helped more than a hundred students become 
fluent in Japanese FAST.

Strong emphasis on your speaking skills

…instead of writing and reading

Real-life conversation flows

…instead of dry grammar

Useful daily phrases

…instead of learning unrelated words off by heart

Experiencing the language

…instead of academically analyzing it


Here’s our promise, backed up by the astonishing results of more than a hundred students. Thanks to our unique learning methods, you’ll very soon be able to…

Communicate like a REAL person

Visit your doctor and clearly describe your symptoms

Make new and deep friendships

Join conversations with anyone and anytime you want

Express yourself and show what a cool guy you really are

Embrace the rich beauty of the Japanese culture

Order food, ask questions

Simply make your life in Japan a breeze

I’m having actual conversations in 2 Months!
On the street, I’m communicating with strangers, and they are communicating back!
I’m shocked myself. Sometimes I pinch myself.

Rodney Plant (USA)

If they can do it…YOU can do it too

How can you work with us?


Fill out the questionnaire and give us some details about you.


Consultation call with one of our language experts, look at your level and check your goals.


We will create a strategy for you, how you can achieve your goals in just 2 months.

What happens in the consultation call?

In our initial consultation call one of our language experts will explain to you how our learning method works and explain the easiest way to learn another language without studying grammar or vocabulary.

Who the heck are we?

Terumi Kai, founder of Japanese Language Factory, knows what she’s talking about.

“As a Japanese native, I couldn’t speak any foreign language until the age of 29. But after moving to Greece I was forced to learn not one, but 2 new languages (Greek and English) at once. That’s how I developed this street-smart way of learning any language. Today, I’m happily helping Americans take the 
sting out of learning Japanese.”

Which Japanese Language Learning is best for you?

Choice 1: University

😃 Benefit: If you go to a university and choose your major Japanese language for 4 years,
You will start from Japanese history, language, and culture.
Most probably you can pass JLPT certificate N1 to N2 which is high levels of reading and writing skills. Some people can be a Japanese teacher after the university.

😓 Weak Point: Takes 4 years and goes to university every day. If you need to move the place because you have to be there and cost a life. If you are an adult and have a job already impossible to do it. Also, Can’t learn communication skills. Because all the students are foreigners in your class. Not much opportunity to speak Japanese and do the training.
Also, all the classes will be at the class which means you can’t learn personalized training as job interview training or daily communication 

  • $2,273 Enrollment fee (one-time payment)
  • $10,909 Operations fee total
  • $38,182 Tuition fee total @ no scholarship
  • $41,455 Living cost total in Tokyo City
    $92,819 Total for 4 year

Choice 2: Language school

😃 Benefit: Compared to the university tuition and term will be much easier. You won’t be able to learn whole Japanese history like university but you can learn a language for JLPT.  Most probably you can choose the program from a month to a year. All schools are focus on learning grammars and Kanji, hiragana, katakana letters for the JLPT certificate.

😓 Weak Point: Schedules are fixed. So you need to be there at a specific time. If you are working again it will be difficult for you. Most language schools are based on JLPT certificates. This is the reason, they teach you a lot of writing skills and reading skills over and over. But not enough training for communication part because JLPT doesn’t require your communication skills.

Choice 3: Language apps/ Language exchange

😃 BenefitSuper cheap. You can meet native Japanese easily. And you can choose any time you want. There are tons of free apps that you can learn. Also, even if you pay you can probably find a tutor for 5 dollars for 30 min.

If you just want to learn for fun it will be the best.

😓 Weak PointMuch lower quality of tutors than the other schools, some people never taught Japaense before or can’t speak English properly. The reason why Japanese people accept to teach Japanese for just 5 dollars for 30 min (Much lower than the average Japanese salary) is that they are enjoying the opportunity to practice their English.

Practicing English and gaining some money will be good for all Japanese. Therefore, you can’t learn very seriously. because they might not be responsible enough to help your actual Japanese language skills.

Choice 4: Self-study

😃 Benefit: Almost free. You can just search for several things on the internet or books and you can learn anytime you want.

😓 Weak Pointthe Japanese language is very difficult in general. If you study alone, NOT SURE if you understand correctly information from the internet or books. Also, because you are alone, it is difficult to control your motivation and consistency to improve every day. Most probably the CHEAPEST AND SLOWEST way to learn.

Choice 5: Why us? What is Japan Language Factory?

😃 Benefit: First of all, Japan Language Factory is not just a language school. It’s a Japanese speech coaching school.

It’s committed speaking skills with original speech training method and you will have a personal coach to check your pronunciation, communication skills, and progress. When you are not making progress, or If you are not studying the right way, your personal coach will give you the solution right away.

Therefore, it’s the FASTEST WAY to achieve to start speaking Japanese, 

because there’s NO 2,500 kanji writing and NO reading part and you have a Japanese personal coach to speak and learn correctly.

A founder of Japan Language Factory said, 

“ All the children in the world, learn speaking and communication first without writing and reading skills “ “ If adults want to speak Japanese, 

here is our original method based on human language learning methods”

All the programs are a combination between one on one session and group session online (Curriculum is below this page)
Therefore the student can choose anytime they want.

😓 Weak Point: If somebody wants to learn how to write Kanji, or read books and newspapers, it’s not suitable.
Also, Japan Language Factory doesn’t provide a JLPT passing program, so if somebody wants to pass JLPT, it’s also not suitable.

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