7 motivation keys for learning Japanese.

No matter what you do, motivation is the most important thing.

I’ve seen a lot of motivated students only at the beginning like beginning of 2.3 months.

Even if you are smart, if you are not motivated, it makes no sense to study. of course you can’t be the best without motivation.
If you don’t have motivation to study, work, or have a hobby, it’s just a shell (抜け殻 nukegara means there’s nothing inside, no heart).
A clever shell is useless.

IKKO, a famous makeup artist in Japan, said this.

“If you face your weakness, your efforts will pay off.”

You may be smart but your motivation doesn’t last.
You may be motivated only at the beginning, and you get tired soon.
Maybe it’s your weakness.

Efforts to face weaknesses.
Without effort, nothing will succeed.
Even if it’s not Japanese,
studying, college, work, human relation are all motivations.

Today I’d love to show you how to keep the motivation.

Why did you want to learn Japanese in the first place?
Don’t forget that original intention. While learning, you may forget why you started learning Japanese in the first place.

Don’t forget your original intentions!

Achieve daily goals. If the goal is too big like many students says “Going to Japan” which is big and when are you going to do??? The goal is not clear.
and this big goal takes three years to reach,
motivation will not continue… (^^;)

Set daily goals and achieve them one by one.
For example, study 10 Kanji today.
It takes time for a person who does not have the habit of setting goals before going to bed or every day,
but planning is important in any case.

To act. Just sitting on a sofa or chair doesn’t come up with a good idea. If you go out, meet people, go to the sea, etc.
you don’t have a good idea in your room. Let’s act.

Enjoy learning not only Japanese but also hobbies. Studying is fun. Learning is fun. Textbooks are not the only study.
Listening to strangers is also a learning process. Enjoying to learn.
Go to your favorite coffee shop or library, enjoy!

Seeing a superstar for you. I hope you can meet him or her. For example, I follow the SNS of the person I admire and want to be like that, or I want to live like this. Superstars always give you great motivation.

Always reward yourself for achieving your daily and monthly goals. It’s very important. It will lead to motivation for the next.

Finally, believe in yourself first.
It’s always nice to have family and friends,
Once in a while, look alone at yourself.
Believe that you can do it.
Meditation is important.