The fastest way to be fully bilingual.

No one couldn’t teach you what is the fastest way to be bilingual.
That’s why even if you study Japanese, You couldn’t speak Japanese.

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I can’t study Japanese every day…I’m busy, I have to work…

By TERUMI KAI Like Chinese and Korean, Japanese is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn. English speakersspend 600 hourslearning Spanish. Japanese is said to take 2,200 hours. In other words, if you don’t speak Japanese every day, you will never be able to speak

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How to hack your brain!🧠 Stop forgetting Japanese words.

By TERUMI KAI 3 Tips To Become A Japanese Speaker In Just 2 Months Not 20 Years! Can you imagine how different your life would beif you could speak Japanese fluently? ✅You can make friends with Japanese people.✅You can find a Japanese partner.✅You can work in Japanese.✅You can have

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Speaking skills cannot be learned from a textbook.

By TERUMI KAI Speaking skills cannot be learned from a textbook. What are communication skills? Entertainment, understanding,empathy, providing information… A combination of various skills can be called communication skills. Even if you get a perfect score on a test such as TOEIC or JLPT,it doesn’t guarantee that you can

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Why is Japan Language Factory chosen
by the world?

Japan Language Factory is an international online Japanese speech coaching school.
We are specialists in Japanese conversation and communication.
All of our coaches are native Japanese speakers to teach you our method to become a Japanese speaker in 2 months.

Talk to one of our agents to learn our method to become a Japanese Speaker in just 2 months👆

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