Time is Money! Learn Japanese!

Time is Money. Learn Japanese!


Don't wait! Waiting is wasting time and money!

Time is the same as money.
The time that you just consider to start Japanese or not, is also money. Because we are getting old.
The age doesn’t matter but also matters.
For example, If you are young, you can work hard and save money and go to Japan.
But if you are 50 years old, working hard is very tough.
Time is money. If you are young, don’t waste your time and money.

The Japanese language is not an easy language. But If you have Japanese language skills, there are so many opportunities. I strongly suggest having this opportunity, as young as you can.
Today is your youngest day. There are so many opportunities, but whether you take them or not, is up to you.
And very few people challenge new things, difficult things, and rare things, that’s why they are successful.
Learning Japanese is very rare and not easy, that’s why it’s a chance especially if you like the Japanese language and Japan!

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What is Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji?


Basic 3Japanese alphabets.

This is a very common question from beginner learners.

First of all, let’s see Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji look like.

For example, I will say,

My name is Terumi Kai.

Hiragana version

Katakana version

Kanji version

The correct sentence is the Third one.
The first version is the level of 6, 7 years old kids in Japan that they don’t know Kanji so they write only in Hiragana.

I’m talking more details in this video 😉 Please check it and if you like it, please subscribe our YouTube channel 😉


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If you haven’t been to Japan then you don’t know Japan. Like until you meet a man or a woman in person, you really don’t know this person.


What you see a person on Instagram, you can imagine what kind of person, but you can't understand everything.

If you haven’t been to Japan then you don’t know Japan.
Until you meet a man or a woman in person, you really don’t know this person.

You can just see tons of beautiful girls and boys on Instagram in 2020.

I also use Instagram a lot!

But some people misunderstand that they know the person well even if they never met him or her.

Until you meet in person, You don’t know his or her smells, how soft or hard, how kind or cold, how they look at you, etc…

This is exactly the same thing when the people say, ”I’ve never been to Japan. But I know Japan or I can imagine what is Japan.”

In other cases, You said to your parents or friends “One day I want to live in Japan and I want to work” But your parents or your friends said “I’ve heard that Japan is a very difficult country for foreigners”

You have some choices to think about this opinion.

Choice 1
I believe my parents or friends, so I won’t go to Japan forever.
Choice 2
I hear this opinion, but I want to see the real Japan with my 5 senses.

Also, you can observe why your parents or friends are negative about going to Japan.

Case 1
Because they never been to Japan and they are afraid you to go far away. They don’t want you to have a different direction. Stay the same mentality or same place.
Case 2
They are just jealous of you going to Japan. Because actually they want to go.
Case 3
They love only their thing. They are not open-minded to know other people, other cultures and other religions, etc…
Case 4
Very similar thing from case 3 but maybe they are racist.
They have just a negative image of Asian people or different races for some reason.

How was it??
You can’t change your dream because somebody said to you.
If your dream is up to somebody, is not a dream.

I’m living here in Greece.
Before I decided to live here, I visited Greece for 13 times.
No one said to me to go to Greece.
Actually no one recommended lol.
But I know myself. I can believe myself.
Once in my life, why not?
I like Greece I can live in Greece for even a few years.
This dream can’t be destroyed because someone is jealous of you or other reasons.

Observe the people why they are negative about it.
You can’t judge anything any country if you never been.
I remember when I arrived at the airport in each country.
Narita airport, Haneda airport, Dubai airport, Las Angeles airport, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Taipei Songshan airport, etc.
Each airport has different smells, real local food, real local people, the sound, air, everything you can’t learn from YouTube.
When you get out of the airport, You can really feel you came to the whole other world because you can feel with your 5 senses.
When you are watching the movie, or actually you go there, are whole other levels.

Online gives us so many opportunities.
But we must not forget that you just know as a visual and sound of the videos. No smells, no air, no taste.
Don’t be afraid to hear any negative opinions.
Observe the negative opinion of why they are negative about it.
You know what you want! Believe yourself and go!
My favorite Japanese YouTuber here ↓


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You must not escape from the exercises for speaking Japanese!


How many hours do you speak Japanese per day?

So many Japanese learners are focus on the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).
But as you know, JLPT doesn’t check your speaking skills.
So when these learners go to Japan, they can’t communicate with Japanese. Some people can’t make any Japanese friends, finally, they come back to their country.
It happens when people go abroad.
No one can live without any communication.

Try to imagine!

If you become a Japanese speaker, What do you want to do?

You must not escape from the exercises for speaking Japanese.
In the end, your certificate doesn’t mean anything doesn’t have any power if you can’t speak at all.


That’s why we have speaking class everyday in our program!! Let’s speak Japanese everyday!
Next year you will be able to speak Japanese much better than this year!! Step by step.
But you need to start now!
Don’t lose your time!


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Improvement is my happiness.

Improvement is my happiness.
-Live in Tokyo-


Are you happy with learning Japanese?

A trader and a business consultant Daichi Tanaka from Tokyo joined our class as a guest.
The students of JAPAN LANGUAGE FACTORY has many opportunities to meet Japanese people online in order to improve their communication in Japanese.
As I told you every time, If you can’t speak Japanese, it’s very weak language skills. At our school, we are focus on Japanese speaking very much in order to apply for the company and school in Japan and all over the world.

Daichi is my old friend and a business partner.
He said many good words to the JLF students.
Let’s summarize in Japanese and English.

  • 日本で一番レベルの高い大学、東京大学を卒業しても、大学では就職の準備をしただけで、今役に立っている全ての知識とスキルは、会社で学んだ。

    Even after graduating from the highest level university in Japan, the University of Tokyo, I just realized that I was preparing for a job at the university and learned all the knowledge and skills that are useful now at the company.

  • 会社員、ベンチャービジネス、フリーランサーと経験を経て、今はもっと自分のスキルを伸ばしたい。勉強することで成長できる。

    After working as an office worker, venture business, and freelancer, I now want to improve my skills.
    You can grow by studying.
  • 僕には二つの幸せがある。一つは、自分が成長していると感じるとき。二つ目は、自分のスキルが誰かのために役立っていると感じるとき。

    I have two happiness. One is when you feel you are growing. The second is when you feel your skills are helping someone.


Everyone, studying Japanese is not a year or two, but for your own future, please do your best in a span of five or ten years.



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7 motivation keys for learning Japanese.

No matter what you do, motivation is the most important thing.

I’ve seen a lot of motivated students only at the beginning like beginning of 2.3 months.

Even if you are smart, if you are not motivated, it makes no sense to study. of course you can’t be the best without motivation.
If you don’t have motivation to study, work, or have a hobby, it’s just a shell (抜け殻 nukegara means there’s nothing inside, no heart).
A clever shell is useless.

IKKO, a famous makeup artist in Japan, said this.

“If you face your weakness, your efforts will pay off.”

You may be smart but your motivation doesn’t last.
You may be motivated only at the beginning, and you get tired soon.
Maybe it’s your weakness.

Efforts to face weaknesses.
Without effort, nothing will succeed.
Even if it’s not Japanese,
studying, college, work, human relation are all motivations.

Today I’d love to show you how to keep the motivation.

Why did you want to learn Japanese in the first place?
Don’t forget that original intention. While learning, you may forget why you started learning Japanese in the first place.

Don’t forget your original intentions!

Achieve daily goals. If the goal is too big like many students says “Going to Japan” which is big and when are you going to do??? The goal is not clear.
and this big goal takes three years to reach,
motivation will not continue… (^^;)

Set daily goals and achieve them one by one.
For example, study 10 Kanji today.
It takes time for a person who does not have the habit of setting goals before going to bed or every day,
but planning is important in any case.

To act. Just sitting on a sofa or chair doesn’t come up with a good idea. If you go out, meet people, go to the sea, etc.
you don’t have a good idea in your room. Let’s act.

Enjoy learning not only Japanese but also hobbies. Studying is fun. Learning is fun. Textbooks are not the only study.
Listening to strangers is also a learning process. Enjoying to learn.
Go to your favorite coffee shop or library, enjoy!

Seeing a superstar for you. I hope you can meet him or her. For example, I follow the SNS of the person I admire and want to be like that, or I want to live like this. Superstars always give you great motivation.

Always reward yourself for achieving your daily and monthly goals. It’s very important. It will lead to motivation for the next.

Finally, believe in yourself first.
It’s always nice to have family and friends,
Once in a while, look alone at yourself.
Believe that you can do it.
Meditation is important.


No one pushes you to learn Japanese.

No one pushes you to learn Japanese.This is your choice.This might be your future.This might be to find yourself.

That’s why I always say “If you don’t like it, better not continue.There’s no point in continuing something that you don’t like”
Actually many people believe that doing something that they like is not good. because they believe that this is not education, this is just a hobby.

But we have that word in Japan. 


Means the most fantastic thing in life is work for something we love.
Actually doing something that you hate is easy.You do whatever your parents say or you do whatever others say.Which means you don’t have yourself. you don’t think anything.

Why am I talking about this?
Many students told me that others are laughing at themselves.
Because there’s no point in learning Japanese in Greece.
Can you think about me?
What’s the point in living in Greece from Japan?
Am I wrong?
My life is totally wrong?
Because this is my life.
I don’t care what others say to me.
Because this is only one time in my life and this is mine.
I’m a totally different person and have different experiences in my life.
This is me.

So I really want to ask you, who you are?

The saddest thing in life is you never know what you are?you will never find an exactly same person with you have to find yourself! Learning Japanese is good for you? or not?You know the answer I guess 🙂

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I left from Tokyo in 2015

When I was 18, I left my parents house and start working at a company, when I was 22, I visited Greece alone for the first time, when I was 23 I moved to Tokyo alone to start a new life and opened my own cooking school in Tokyo, when I was 28, I decided to leave from Tokyo to live in Greece, when I was 29, I started my own language school, now I’m a mother as age 34 at Japan Language Factory 🤩
To be continued ⏩⏩

I have been in so many difficult situations. I have cried so many times but I have laughed so many times too 💪
Big challenge always has a big pain.
Many experience makes me stronger than stronger. Finally I can appreciate all the pains that I had 🙏🤩🤩

Continuation is more important than perfection. Let’s have a power to continue. Don’t give up myself last 10 years and next 10 years.

Who is the most passionate teacher around you? Who is the most passionate student or person around you? #stayhome #besafe
but don’t lose yourself 😉😁💖💪🙌🎌🥰
Write your dream in 2020 at our Instagram story 😉😉


Average salary in Japan

This is a true story.
Many Greeks misunderstand.
That is, Japanese people work too much.
By the way, Greece is among the world’s longest working countries, but Japan is not. So what are you misunderstanding!
What he is talking about in this YouTube video, I acknowledge after spending seven years in Tokyo. it’s truth. If you say that Japanese salary is good, then many people think that living expenses are high.
Actually it costs around 1300 euros per month. This is not expensive at all compared to Paris, London and Frankfurt. However, the minimum wage is about 2500 euros per month in Tokyo. Anyone who wants to live abroad should definitely have the perspective of Tokyo! Click here for a detailed salary story! ! Today is a special seminar! See you later!


Hello World

Blog has started!

Hello! こんにちは!My name is Terumi Kai. I’m a Japanese teacher in Heraklion, Greece. Here is a new blog! I’d like to write daily life, information, about Japan, how to learn Japanese etc..
If you can comment at my blog, that will be so great! Feel free to ask me here anything you want!