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How Jay Learned Japanese in Just a few Months and Changed his Relationship with Japanese People

Jay is a successful video game developer who has been running his own company for over 15 years. He has lived in China since 2008, where he helped develop a Chinese video game company and learned Chinese by talking to taxi drivers. He first visited Japan in 2018 and fell in love with the country and its culture. He bought an apartment in Tokyo and visited Japan every now and then until the COVID pandemic started in 2021.

Jay had a clear goal: he wanted to learn conversation and public etiquette in Japanese in order to be able to effectively communicate with his team in Tokyo. He knew that Japanese was a very different language from Chinese and English, and that it required a lot of practice and feedback. He tried to learn Japanese with a private tutor, but he found it difficult to find time and match his availability with the tutor. He also tried to remember katakana with flash cards, but he felt that it was not enough to help him speak fluently. He had no real opportunities to speak Japanese, and when he did, he noticed that Japanese people did not correct him in order to be polite. He felt frustrated and discouraged, as he wanted to improve his pronunciation and speaking skills. He also realized that his Chinese skills gave him a thick Chinese accent when pronouncing Japanese words, which made him sound unnatural and unprofessional.

The master course was unlike anything Jay had ever experienced before. It was an intensive communication and talking training program that used audio files, role playing, and accent correction. Jay learned Japanese just like he learned music: by listening, repeating, and imitating. He practiced during his 30 minutes commute back and forth to his office, 5 days a week. He also had regular sessions with JLF instructors, who gave him feedback and guidance. He learned phrases that were useful and relevant for his goal, such as:


Puro toshite Geemu gyoukai de nijyuunana nenkan hataraiteimasu.

Professional  as    Game industry with    for 27        years    I’m working.

I’ve been working in the game industry for 27 years as a professional.

This phrase was part of his self-introduction for a gaming event in Japan, in front of hundreds of audience. It presented him as a confident professional with tremendous experience and pride in the industry he was working in.

In just a few months, Jay noticed a remarkable improvement in his Japanese skills. His Chinese accent disappeared, and he sounded more natural and fluent. He was able to communicate with his Tokyo team effectively and confidently. He also managed to go to a business dinner with Japanese executives in New York, where he impressed them with his Japanese manners and etiquette. He received compliments and praise from his colleagues and partners, who were amazed by his progress and achievement.

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