Closer training

Congratulations! You’ve advanced to the next stage of our closer training program. By reaching this point, you have successfully completed one or more mock calls with Terumi Kai and passed the interview process. This achievement reflects your potential and capabilities in moving forward with us at Japan Language Factory.

Training Focus

During this training, your primary goal is to deeply understand our teaching methods and the unique aspects that set Japan Language Factory apart in the market. This knowledge will not only enhance your selling techniques but also equip you to effectively communicate the value of our programs to prospective students.

Engaging with Leads

A crucial part of your discussions with potential clients involves understanding their past experiences with language learning. Make sure to inquire about:

  • Any previous language courses they have taken.
  • Specific challenges or difficulties they encountered.

It’s important to emphasize how our master course is designed to overcome these challenges, ensuring they will not face the same issues again. This approach will help build trust and confidence in our methods.


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Setter training

Congratulations on being one step closer to joining our sales team!

Our online training program is designed to immerse you fully in the world of JLF and our company, offering you a comprehensive 100% insight into our values, products, and the innovative strategies that set us apart.

Good luck!