Do you want to be more engaged in Japan?

Talking with JLF student Stephan Dasse. Your time is precious, make every session count by learning something you can usešŸ˜€

In 2024, which one are you? Do you want to start connecting with the Japanese on a deeper level? If so, check out our JLF coursešŸ§

Learning Japanese isĀ 100 TIMES HARDERĀ than learning Spanish or French as a native English speaker.

This is the reason, many Japanese learners can’t speak JapaneseĀ 

even though they have boughtĀ 100 TEXTBOOKS.

Textbook learning needs a lot of disciplineĀ and dedication toĀ 

overcome this one of the most difficult languages in the world.Ā 

Our JLF learning structure is straightforwardly focusedĀ onĀ 


how Japanese children learn Japanese without textbooks.

If you would like to learn how to speak inĀ JUST 2 MONTHSĀ with our specific learning training, you can contact us toĀ 

SAVE YOUR MILLION HOURS of textbook study!

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