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Feral Rizvi 🇵🇰

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Process manager 
From scratch to basic speaking skills in his everyday life.

Thank you Terumi and coaches Chihiro and Momoka for teaching me how to start conversations in Japanese and for providing a learning method on how to acquire a new language.

The course really helped me get out of my comfort zone and try to communicate with people from Japan. Thanks again!


Robert Reich🇺🇸

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US Military 
From scratch to conversational Japanese.  

I used to think people who wanted to talk to me should learn English, even though I’m in a Japanese-speaking county.
Now I’ve changed my mind.

Thanks, JLF, for teaching me Japanese.


Ioannis Kompogiorgas🇬🇷

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Ship captain
From scratch to conversational Japanese.  

It was a magnificent experience…

From the beginning until the bittersweet ending…I hope it lasted much longer… It was a really fun moment, I enjoyed every single minute of it n was looking forward for the next session each time…

Thanks to the spirit of the program, the flexibility n patience of the wonderful coaches, it was a unique educational experience focusing on the learning skills and needs of each student…

The interaction with coaches n students, made it even a better educational multicultural program, expanding in ideas n practices… I can’t believe I went through all the way, it seems like yesterday when I started n feeling sad in a way that was completed so quickly …

However I am so happy for my progress, my ability to comprehend n participate in conversations in Japanese…I am willing to keep going and move to the next level… Arigatou gozaimasu…


Rodney Raphael Plant 🇺🇸

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Military engineer
From scratch to basic speaking skills in his everyday life.

I’m living in Japan with my family, I’m not a tourist anymore, so I needed something to improve my Japanese.
After the 2 Month Master Course, I’m more confident in my Japanese.
I feel great.


Yumi Amelia Ono 🇸🇬

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From scratch to conversational Japanese.  

JLF coaches is nothing but amazing. Their constant support and encouragement has definitely helped me in boosting up my confidence a lot more. It really helps me to speak more confidently. Even a small achievement is better no achievement. Thank you JLF coach, specially to chihiro and Tamae.


Edward Keyte 🇬🇧

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Founder of an English school in Japan
From scratch to conversational Japanese.  


I was exhausted learning Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and grammar.
When I saw the advert for the Japan Language Factory, I thought this was something for me.
The method is practical and conversational, and it was essential for me.


Calvin Garo 🇺🇸

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Data Security Analyst (39)
From scratch to basic speaking skills in his everyday life.

I contacted Japan Language Factory because it was my first time learning Japanese.
They made the learning environment very engaging from the beginning.


I went from knowing zero in Nihongo to being able to have a conversation in Japanese about myself in just 2 months,

as well as being able to listen and speak at a beginner level. I relocated from Hawaii to Tokyo about 9 months ago,
and then tried learning on my own. This wasn’t working.

So, I reached out to Japan Language Factory and learned online Japanese lessons.
I have a busy work schedule but Japan Language Factory works around my schedule which was perfect for me.
The weekly classes they held on weekends feel more like friendly meetups with structure
because I got to meet people from around the world who are also trying to learn Japanese.

We start the class with personal speaking, for a few minutes, in Japanese.
This is to get me used to speaking at normal speed in Japanese with everyday topics.

I would recommend anyone at any level to schedule a Japanese class with Japan Language Factory
because the class will be enjoyable, informative, structured and it also depends on what your goals are.


Brandon Johnson 🇺🇸

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US Military 
From scratch to conversational Japanese.  

Living in Japan for 6 months, I didn’t see myself that I can speak Japanese one day.
 The JLF Master course gave me the courage to start speaking with native Japanese.  

JLF coaches are just awesome.
Especially I improved my pronunciation and was encouraged to speak.
I really want to enjoy traveling and meet more Japanese people. Thank you!!


Karina Thrush 🇺🇸

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With JLPT N3 level of writing and reading skills to confidently communicate as a teacher and a missionary 

I needed a push to the next level and confidence to keep trying to speak.
In language school I learned a lot of grammar, reading and writing, but I lacked confidence in listening and speaking.

The Japan Language Factory teachers gave me confidence to keep speaking and push through the difficult moments.
They also helped me to learn how to speak more like a native speaker for example pronunciation, natural tone and speaking speed.


Curt Hayashida 🇺🇸

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IT Industry

With knowing basic writing, and reading skills and knowing greetings to confidently make presentations.

I was born in the 3rd generation of Japanese but I was raised in the USA.

I couldn’t have enough opportunity to learn how to speak Japanese properly.

When I found JLF, I thought this is a great opportunity to improve my speaking ability. 
During the Master Course, JLF coaches help me step by step on how to use phrases and I start even saying some jokes too.
I would love to travel to Japan with my speaking skills near future!


Orette Ayton 🇺🇸

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US Military 

With knowing basic writing, and reading skills to confidently make new friends through communication.

The program was a definite boost to my Japanese,
which I’ve always had difficulty actually using even though I’ve been studying for years now.

 I now find it a bit easier speaking to friends I’ve made,
with an overall confidence I lacked before.
Big thanks to Shoho-san and Kazuyo-san,
both excellent Teachers who were so patient with me and offered so much encouragement along the way!!


Stephan Dasse🇫🇷

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With knowing basic writing, and reading skills to being able to make daily conversations

I only knew Hiragana, katakana, and a little bit of Kanji before starting JLF Master Course. 
But I couldn’t speak Japanese because I couldn’t make sentences properly. 

Finally, I can make daily conversation after the Master’s Course. 
JLF Coach helped me and encourage me to speak, it was easy to follow the classes and I could see my progress clearly during the course.
I would love to enjoy socializing in Japan.


Melanie Kobayashi 🇵🇭

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English teacher (30)
With knowing basic writing, reading skills to the level of advertising her own business to the client

Living in Japan for 10years,I had no improvements in my speaking skills, I can understand Japanese, 
I can read hiragana and some kanji before I enrolled to the Master course. 

I was very frustrated no being able to speak Japanese confidently after living in Japan for 10 years.  
I only survived every conversation I had with the natives by word – word and gesture. 

I’ve learned so much from this master course, It was a great experience,
I can now confidently express myself in Japanese in a polite and proper way. 

Also the Master Course help me to start my own business, so now I have own English school in Nagoya.
I learned how to introduce our business to the Japanese confidently.

If you are like me who wants to improve your Japanese speaking skills then this course is definitely for you.


George Doganoglou 🇬🇷

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Business Owner(37)
Having JLPT N4 levels writing and reading skill to being able to speak Japanese as Japanese language teacher.

Having passed the old N4 JLPT, my speaking skill was pretty much non-existent.
I had stopped studying Japanese for about 11 years and finally decided to give it another go with Terumisan. 


Since then I’ve been doing my best to attend as many speaking classes as possible. It was really hard at first
but Terumisan’s positive energy and
motivation helped me breakthrough my comfort zone and
ultimately helped me get used to talking in Japanese without worrying about making mistakes. 

I then proceeded to the Speaking Master Course which really helped boost my confidence in conversation.
I realized that learning advanced Japanese sentences off by heart helped me improve my grammar, vocabulary, and speaking all in one go.
If anyone hopes to become a Japanese speaker as soon as possible and is willing to put in the effort, I would definitely recommend Terumisan.


Stephan Dasse🇫🇷

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With knowing basic writing, and reading skills to being able to make daily conversations

I only knew Hiragana, katakana, and a little bit of Kanji before starting JLF Master Course. 
But I couldn’t speak Japanese because I couldn’t make sentences properly. 

Finally, I can make daily conversation after the Master’s Course. 
JLF Coach helped me and encourage me to speak, it was easy to follow the classes and I could see my progress clearly during the course.
I would love to enjoy socializing in Japan.


Utomo Kusumojati 🇮🇩

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Office worker (22)
Having JLPT N3 levels of writing and reading skills to passing job interviews in Japan by communication skills.

I failed more than 10 companies before taking Master course.
I have passed Japanese proficiency N3 I was studying for JLPT N2 but my communication skill was poor. 

I really wanted to pass job interview in Japan to get great job before graduating university in Japan.

 I found Japan Language Factory seems very good course to improve my speaking skills.
Coaches and Terumi helped me to speak better for job interviews especially phrases, 
natural tone, pronunciation were improved very much and I gain confidence to speak in front of people. 

Finally I pass two companies in Japan and now I have a new life. 
I really appreciate Japan language factory helped me.

Thank you so much!!!!


Lyn Kashimura 🇵🇭

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After living in Japan for so many years, finally confidently speak in daily communication.

After living in Japan for many years and having a Japanese husband, I wasn’t confident enough to communicate with my husband’s family and friends.

I always hesitate to speak something in Japanese because I thought it was rude or wrong in Japanese.

During Japan Langauge Factory’s Master course, the coaches helped me to start speaking and coach me on what I needed to say in which situation and which phrases in detail? I could see my progress in speaking and listening skills clearly and built my confidence to speak step by step. Especially I became very confident in my pronunciation after the Master’s course.  So I don’t need to worry about my pronunciation in front of native Japanese.  Thank you Japan Language Factory.


Robert Cottingham 🇬🇧

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Teacher (39)
With knowing Hiragana, katakana to being able to speak to the stranger by communication.

There are quite a few ways to learn a foreign language and dozens of online methods for doing so. Whilst it’s true that

The internet has increased the opportunities for learning a second language with an array of applications; often the methods used are the same as the old textbook methods.

But if you want to learn how to communicate Japanese instead of learning the grammar you have a few options.

Here’s where Terumi Kai’s Japan learning factory comes in to help. Users can sign up for a 30 lesson program that aims to get them confidently speak Japanese and avoid grammar exercises. 

The goal is for effective, not perfect, communication. The structure of the course is set up to give the learner phrases that they will need to use if they go to Japan, either to work or to travel. I didn’t come to the course as a beginner, so I had a headstart. In fact, most of the students have had the experience of learning Japanese, but for whatever reason, they weren’t able to make the progress they desired. In other words, they focused too much on unnecessarily dry language structures. As well as taking 30 classes, students are invited to take part in weekly group sessions where they can have a chance to practice the Japanese they have learned in the one-to-one sessions.

All coaches are Japanese native speakers, and because all classes take place online, there are no limits to the time that lessons can take place.

Learning a second language requires a lot of patience, but it requires a kind of boldness. You have to be able to make many mistakes before you can get it right. And you need a trainer who is able to provide all of the explanations, even when those explanations do not always show the Japanese language in the best light.


Rick Agarwala 🇨🇦

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With knowing basic Hiragana, Katakana to basic communication to meet native Japanese people.

I recommend this program for anyone who would like to learn basic Japanese speaking skills.
I wasn’t able to speak Japanese and now have the basic skills to introduce myself.


Vivek Jain 🇮🇳

Mechanical engineer (35)
Having JLPT N4 level of writing and reading skills to pass job interviews in Japan.

To be honest , this was my first online Japanese class. I am looking forward to taking more online classes. The experience of this class has being nothing but very much positive for me .

I will say I learned quite a bit in this course and enjoyed a lot. I really liked the flexibility of this course.  It worked well with busy scheduling.
Before taking Japan Language Factory (JLF ) classes I was learning Japanese since 2 years and also passed JLPT N4 but still I was not able to communicate with Japanese people , after JLF session I got a confidence to communicate with Japanese people in Japanese . And also before taking this class I attended lot of Japanese interview in which I was not able to impress interviewer with my Japanese communication skills but after JLF sessions I was able to speak continuously with confidence for 20 mins non-stop in Japanese which was very much motivating for me.
So, I must recommend JLF for Japanese learner. JLF is very much recommended for people who want to improve his/her Japanese communication skills like a native.


Eira Culverwell 🇬🇧

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Shinatemi Player (37)
Having basic Japanese hiragana, katakana skills to having basic communication skills.

I’ve recently passed A1 speaking and listening and A1 reading and writing exams at JLF in under two months.


For anyone who’s never learned Japanese or for those who may have studied a bit or even taken the JLPT N5’s, you will make HUGE progress in your Japanese.

My experience with the Japanese language was very limited before I joined JLF. But in just a month and a half, my reading and writing skills, along with my confidence to speak, has improved to the point where I would feel comfortable introducing myself and to hold a casual conversation-and that’s down to two things, Terumi-san’s method and passion for every student to succeed!

If only all teachers broke the language down; focusing on self introduction and then adding in the grammar (naturally), not through those boring old fashioned teaching styles; so many more people would learn a language.

I never worry about learning the grammar from the text book, because we use it naturally, in sentences we would use in regular life conversations.

Don’t waste your time with anyone else. Stop it right now, you’re just wasting money and time!


Nansy Diomantaraki 🇬🇷

Bank clerk(40)

I started learning Japanese out of curiosity, but I fell in love with Japanese language and culture. 

I was afraid that due to the lack of free time and the difficulty of the language, I would not be able to learn Japanese. Fortunately, I met Terumi-Sensei. 

The transmissibility of knowledge, the positive energy and the love for her work and her students is awesome. Within two months I was able to speak Japanese and understand Japanese culture!

 I am still in the beginning of my involvement with the Japanese language and culture but I believe that with the help of Terumi-Sensei, I will achieve a lot. 

Thank you, Terumi-Sensei.


Samantha Bolan 🇬🇧

Charity Worker (26)

Back in 2019 I was working for Thomas Cook in Heraklion city wondering what my next adventure will be. 

Terumi’s Japanese classes popped up as an advertisement on facebook and I took that as a sign to go to Japan one day for a working holiday because I love Japanese culture and had visited Tokyo before. 

I took all sorts of lessons with Terumi ranging from learning and writing hiragana/katakana but writing sentences didn’t really stick with me as much, as I really just wanted to learn how to communicate with other Japanese people when I get to Japan. 

Terumi then made the 2 months Master Course  and I thought this sounded like exactly what I was looking for, and it was! 

I am able to confidently communicate with other Japanese-speaking people and I am able to express myself how I would like to with the sentences me and Terumi crafted together. 

I am very thankful for Terumi’s help over the time I took part in her lessons and I recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning Japanese. Thank you Terumi San!!


Kiss Zsófia 🇭🇺

University Student(20)

I started searching for a Japanese teacher because I wanted to improve my language skills. I can proudly say: I found the best Japanese teacher! ❤️ 

I will go to Japan in 2021 April to study at the Tokyo International University.
I recommend your lessons to everybody who would like to speak Japanese fluently!


Rodney Holloway 🇺🇸

Elementary school teacher (46)

The program and teachers at JLF are great.They worked with my busy schedule, kept me accountable for my learning, provided plenty of opportunities to speak/practice my Japanese, and catered to my learning style.Whenever I had questions, they were there to help me understand.

My teacher was AMAZING, and made me look forward to learning with her each week.I really didn’t want my sessions to be over, and I was happy to hear they had another course.
At first I was concerned about the cost, but I think if I would’ve taken this class a long time ago, I would be so much further in my language ability.
All the money I have spent on books and lessons still outweigh the cost for this class.


Alkisti Symeonidou 🇩🇪🇬🇷

Multimedia designer(27)

Learning a new language is always hard but Terumi’s guidance brings me to speak confidently enough. 

Following a textbook and committing everything to get proficiency is not the key to learn proper Japanese. Terumi will surely help you though being confident to speak.

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