Free Consulting 

Before Taking The Master Course.

Knowing what to do on your language journey can be a challenge. 

Is a 2-month Master course right for you?

Are you ready to take to the next level?

What is the right way to study Japanese for you?

These are just a few of the many questions that arise when learning a new language. Our free counseling call is here to help empower and inform you with the information you need to make an intelligent decision.

No more wandering hopelessly;
Talk with industry pros today to discover the best path for mastering the Japanese Language once and for all.

Personalized Help . 

Everyone is on a different path and at a different skill level, so we offer personalized consultations. We take a look at your language level, goals, and plan before providing any advice. 

Professional Consultation 

Calls take place over zoom and are usually 30 minutes long. In this call, we will assess your situation and help you decide the next plan moving forward. No more struggling all alone; get the help you need today

Actionable Advice

Rather than just theory, we provide actionable advice you can start applying immediately. If you are serious about improving your Japanese speaking skills, we are serious about helping! 

Free Counseling Process 

1. Fill out an application form below and submit it.
2. Our staff will call you to decide the date of the consultation.
3. You will get a zoom code and wait for the date of free consultation.
4. On the day of free consultation on zoom, our specialist will consult you in English regarding learning Japanese and your progress in a Japanese study.
5. Based on the results and answers, the specialist will suggest a learning method that is right for you.
6. If you are interested in joining in 2 months Master course, we will explain the fees, terms, and conditions.
7. The counseling session will end, leaving you with the best options moving forward.

Our specialists are waiting for you.

Stop struggling and start mastering the Japanese Language today. This counseling session is designed to fast-track your success so you can experience the results you always dreamed of. 

Reserve your free counseling session today if you are serious about becoming a skilled Japanese speaker. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

→A. Yes, of course you can. We would be happy to help you learn Japanese.

→A. It usually takes about 30 minutes.
→A. No, you do not need to bring anything in particular.
→A. You will be asked to download Zoom in advance, and the online consultation will be conducted via Zoom.
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