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By Terumi Kai February 11, 2023 2 min read

Japanese language is one of the most difficult languages in the world. But if you don't focus on spelling, it's not too hard.

How can you learn Japanese in 2023? Should you learn Japanese or not? 

It said the Japanese language is one of the most difficult languages in the world. But what if? you don’t need to focus on the Japanese spelling side? Japanese spelling is like 甲斐輝美 like this!! it’s crazy! This is my name by the way! But yes, definitely almost impossible to learn Japanese letters or Chinese letters quickly. But what do you think do you wanna be able to speak Japanese without spelling side? 

Look at Japanese children! Japanese children or babies can learn Japanese without spelling them which means you can also start speaking and listening without spelling them.

It’s not the standard way to learn a language without spelling but actually, this is a very natural way to learn languages because when we learn our mother language, we all learned without writing books or reading books before going to elementary school. 

2023, What do you think you want to try to learn Japanese language from speaking and listening before writing the alphabet?

In the era that we have Chat GPT, I think you should try to learn languages in a totally different way. You don’t need to start with Japanese letters like Japanese children. 

I also have a child, so I see how Japanese children learn the language and even my students also can learn like children too!

2023, In January, my student James from the USA completed the master course!! Congratulations! おめでとう!!

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