🔥How to maximize your good points and give you an impressive answer in the interview of the Japanese company🇯🇵



🔥How to maximize your good points and give you an impressive answer in the interview of the Japanese company🇯🇵

Today, I would like to share how to maximize your good points and give you an impressive answer.

For example, popular companies such as Sony, Nintendo, Toyota, Rakuten, and Yahoo Japan often have individual interviews after group interviews.
Express your goodness to the fullest and learn memorable answers.
⚠️[Taboo when answering]
1. Tell a lie.
2. Talk too much. (Up to 1 minute)
3. Talk about something different from the question.
4. I pretend to understand even though I don’t understand the question.
5. The answer is ambiguous.
Let’s answer the frequently asked questions we learned last time together.
Example: 28 years old, female, British.
After graduating from college, she joined a graphic design company.
She is currently looking for a Japanese company.
Q1 Please give me self-promotion.
I have 6 years of experience as a graphic designer in London. I have had all the experience of meeting clients, drafting standards, designing, and directing photography.
One of the most acclaimed jobs I’ve done so far is an advertisement for a promotional campaign by British American Tobacco.
In 2015, we also won an advertising award.

Q2 Why do you want to get a job in Japan?

When I was in college, I was always fascinated by modern Japanese design. In particular, I have been fascinated by the design of Japanese interior designer Shigeru Uchida. This is because I wanted to visit Japan in 2016 and 2017, work in Japan, and gain my own experience.
大学時代、私は常にモダンな日本のデザインに魅了されていました。特に、日本のインテリアデザイナー内田繁さんのデザインに魅了されました。 2016年と2017年に日本に訪れ、日本で働き、自分の経験を積みたいと思ったからです。
Q3 What would you do if you made a mistake at work?
Q3. 仕事で間違えたらどうしますか。
It is better to make as few mistakes as possible, but if you make a mistake, I think it is important to take appropriate measures as to why you made a mistake. It is also important to apologize to the client.
As a graphic designer, I have to make creative designs, and I sometimes make mistakes by not matching the client’s request, but I continue to take on challenges, create high-quality products.
How was it? 😃
You need to be well prepared to give a unique answer, a clear answer, or a memorable answer. Once you’re well prepared, don’t be afraid to go for an interview with the company you really want to go to!!
The same recruitment is not always available.
Be prepared to seize the best chance. I would love to help your dream come true!!

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