If you never been to Japan, then you don't know Japan.
Like until you meet a man or a woman in person, you don't know this person.


What you see a person on Instagram, you can imagine what kind of person, but you can't understand everything.

If you haven’t been to Japan then you don’t know Japan.
Until you meet a man or a woman in person, you really don’t know this person.

You can just see tons of beautiful girls and boys on Instagram in 2020.

I also use Instagram a lot!

But some people misunderstand that they know the person well even if they never met him or her.

Until you meet in person, You don’t know his or her smells, how soft or hard, how kind or cold, how they look at you, etc…

This is exactly the same thing when the people say, ”I’ve never been to Japan. But I know Japan or I can imagine what is Japan.”

In other cases, You said to your parents or friends “One day I want to live in Japan and I want to work” But your parents or your friends said “I’ve heard that Japan is a very difficult country for foreigners”

You have some choices to think about this opinion.

Choice 1
I believe my parents or friends, so I won’t go to Japan forever.
Choice 2
I hear this opinion, but I want to see the real Japan with my 5 senses.

Also, you can observe why your parents or friends are negative about going to Japan.

Case 1
Because they never been to Japan and they are afraid you to go far away. They don’t want you to have a different direction. Stay the same mentality or same place.
Case 2
They are just jealous of you going to Japan. Because actually they want to go.
Case 3
They love only their thing. They are not open-minded to know other people, other cultures and other religions, etc…
Case 4
Very similar thing from case 3 but maybe they are racist.
They have just a negative image of Asian people or different races for some reason.

How was it??
You can’t change your dream because somebody said to you.
If your dream is up to somebody, is not a dream.

I’m living here in Greece.
Before I decided to live here, I visited Greece for 13 times.
No one said to me to go to Greece.
Actually no one recommended lol.
But I know myself. I can believe myself.
Once in my life, why not?
I like Greece I can live in Greece for even a few years.
This dream can’t be destroyed because someone is jealous of you or other reasons.

Observe the people why they are negative about it.
You can’t judge anything any country if you never been.
I remember when I arrived at the airport in each country.
Narita airport, Haneda airport, Dubai airport, Las Angeles airport, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Taipei Songshan airport, etc.
Each airport has different smells, real local food, real local people, the sound, air, everything you can’t learn from YouTube.
When you get out of the airport, You can really feel you came to the whole other world because you can feel with your 5 senses.
When you are watching the movie, or actually you go there, are whole other levels.

Online gives us so many opportunities.
But we must not forget that you just know as a visual and sound of the videos. No smells, no air, no taste.
Don’t be afraid to hear any negative opinions.
Observe the negative opinion of why they are negative about it.
You know what you want! Believe yourself and go!
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