Improvement is my happiness.
-Live in Tokyo-


Are you happy with learning Japanese?

A trader and a business consultant Daichi Tanaka from Tokyo joined our class as a guest.
The students of JAPAN LANGUAGE FACTORY has many opportunities to meet Japanese people online in order to improve their communication in Japanese.
As I told you every time, If you can’t speak Japanese, it’s very weak language skills. At our school, we are focus on Japanese speaking very much in order to apply for the company and school in Japan and all over the world.

Daichi is my old friend and a business partner.
He said many good words to the JLF students.
Let’s summarize in Japanese and English.

  • 日本で一番レベルの高い大学、東京大学を卒業しても、大学では就職の準備をしただけで、今役に立っている全ての知識とスキルは、会社で学んだ。

    Even after graduating from the highest level university in Japan, the University of Tokyo, I just realized that I was preparing for a job at the university and learned all the knowledge and skills that are useful now at the company.

  • 会社員、ベンチャービジネス、フリーランサーと経験を経て、今はもっと自分のスキルを伸ばしたい。勉強することで成長できる。

    After working as an office worker, venture business, and freelancer, I now want to improve my skills.
    You can grow by studying.
  • 僕には二つの幸せがある。一つは、自分が成長していると感じるとき。二つ目は、自分のスキルが誰かのために役立っていると感じるとき。

    I have two happiness. One is when you feel you are growing. The second is when you feel your skills are helping someone.


Everyone, studying Japanese is not a year or two, but for your own future, please do your best in a span of five or ten years.



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