Before you get an interview, let's get a good understanding of the Japanese company's thinking.




Before you get an interview, let’s get a good understanding of the Japanese company’s thinking.
Every company in Japan has a meeting whenever they decide something very important. Therefore, your communication skills are always important.
Interviews often check your communication skills. If you have the ability to communicate in Japanese and can express your own opinions and listen to people’s opinions.
Make sure you know that you can talk.
【Taboo in Japanese companies】
1. You don’t listen to people’s opinions.
2. Only my opinion is correct.
3. You are not communicative.
This attitude disturbs the teamwork of Japanese companies, so you are considered to be a person who disturbs teamwork.
I have leadership. But let’s say that we can respect the opinions of others.
【Frequently Asked Questions in Japanese companies】
What are your strengths?
【Good answer】


Leadership that motivates the team.
Since I was a student, I have been a leader as a soccer team captain and group leader.
That’s why I like to be a leader, and I’m careful to incorporate people’s opinions and ideas to create a better team.

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