Just 1500 euro to travel to Japan!

Let’s save 30 euro for 50 days!

Japan Language Factory can support you to go to Japan.

Usually the air ticket is 600 euro go and back. (Athens-Tokyo)
Let me think. ( I traveled from Athens to Tokyo like over 15 times )

7 days Tokyo and little bit country side of Tokyo.

Hotel (Share room) 150 euro for 7 night. Plus 400 euro food for 7 days.
Plus 100 euro transportation for 7 days.

Cheapest trip will be total around 1200 euro for 7 days 😊 ( I suggest little bit save money more so you can go more places)

If you work 30 euro at the cafeteria or hotel for 50 days. You can save 1500 euro. So everyone can travel to Japan in 2020 😁😁 shall we?
Japan is far? No way!! If you leave now, tomorrow noon is you are already in Tokyo 😁😁 amazing uh?

( Better go there before having a baby! Now I have a kid so all the cost is double price 😂😂 I knew it so when I was young, I went everywhere)

Now it’s 2020. Not 1940 middle of the war right now. So are we lucky?
Everybody can travel all over the world . Also everybody can live all over the world. Fall in love in Japan?😂♥️No one knows your future but there are many possibilities.

Let’s be prepared yourself before going to Japan!
Do you want to learn Japanese language as a hobby?
or proficiency?