Alex DeRosa 🇺🇸

Alex De Rosa, originally from Boston, USA, embarked on a significant life change in 2023, moving to Japan due to his military work. This transition wasn’t just a professional assignment for Alex; it represented an opportunity to engage with a culture he had come to love. Despite his initial low proficiency in the Japanese language, Alex’s determination to learn and communicate effectively with the locals was undeterred. Driven by a deep appreciation for his new surroundings and a desire to enrich his everyday life through meaningful interactions, Alex sought the expertise of JLF to master speaking Japanese.

His journey with JLF highlights not only his commitment to personal growth but also his enthusiasm for embracing the cultural nuances of Japan. Alex’s story is a testament to the idea that language is a bridge to deeper connections and understanding. Through his efforts to learn Japanese, Alex aims to enhance his experiences in Japan, making every moment more fulfilling by being able to communicate with the people around him.