Condition – Decision maker

In your interactions with potential clients, it’s vital to recognize the decision-maker in the purchasing process. If a client indicates the need to consult with someone before finalizing their enrollment, it’s a clear indication that you’re not speaking with the sole decision-maker. Acknowledge and respect their need for consultation, and suggest ways we can assist in making the conversation with their decision-maker as informative and positive as possible. This approach not only demonstrates understanding and flexibility but also positions us as a supportive partner in their decision-making process.


“Perfect, just one more question about that: Do you have a wife/husband or a partner that has to approve this decision? We often have students who say that before they buy anything or pay for anything they want to talk to their spouse. Is that the same for you or can you make a decision by yourself?”

→IF needing of partner approval → “I totally understand that. In this case please bring your partner to the call as well. It’s important that he/she gets to meet us and we meet him/her because IF we decide working together everybody has to be on board.”