Condition – Time urgency

It’s crucial to communicate the importance of time urgency to potential clients. Emphasize that our program is designed for those ready to start immediately, as this prioritization allows us to efficiently manage resources and offer the best support. If a client prefers to begin next year, advise them to reconnect closer to their start date. This strategy ensures we focus on individuals prepared to engage now, reflecting our commitment to delivering quality education to motivated learners.

“Perfect then,
How soon would you like to start our program IF you like our program?”
“Are you thinking to start learning Japanese as soon as possible”
“Are you thinking next year or later? Because let’s say
you are busy at the moment.”

“Because I’m asking you
we have many applications every day,
We can not offer this free consultation to everyone at moment.”

“What do you think would you like to start as soon as possible?”

Client: “Yeah I don’t wanna wait until next year”