Martin Gatchalian 🇺🇸

Martin Gatchalian, residing in the US and employed by the Japanese company Hitachi, embarked on a transformative journey last summer when he visited Japan for the first time. This experience sparked a newfound aspiration within him—to learn Japanese and enhance his communication with his colleagues. With determination and a rapid pace, Martin is skillfully navigating through Master Course level 1, showcasing his commitment to not only his professional growth but also his personal development in language acquisition.

Utilizing “Terumi’s method,” Martin quickly gained confidence in his speaking abilities, a testament to the effectiveness of this innovative approach to language learning. Despite the challenge of not having Japanese friends in his immediate environment, Martin’s dedication, coupled with the support and guidance of our adept teachers, has enabled him to master the language. His journey is a remarkable example of how passion, coupled with the right educational tools, can overcome any obstacle in the pursuit of learning and connecting with others across cultures.