Objection handling

🤑Objection handling

🧐💥Diving into the actual problems

🧠Understand Objection 

⭐️Price→Value Is it so important to you?

It’s not about price. It’s their value

⭐️Decision maker → Past Experience  “My wife says always NO”

⭐️Stall→ 10% welcome offer, Do you think our program is the best for you?

Time is flexible 24/7 booking available, pace is up to you, you can focus on your level, you don’t need to focus on writing and reading,JLPT. 

☝️TEACH THEM that most of people make wrong decisions and bothers their life for next 10 years,


There are TOO MANY PEOPLE having problems because they can’t talk in Japanese. 

😭Communication problem in their relationship, fighting, divorcing, break up

😭Your boss or client doen’t fully trust you. 

😭Stay the lowest salary because you can’t find a better job. 

“I need to think about it”→ There’s a reason that can’t share with us.

Yeah look! I totally understand it (Totally get it) Most of people do need to think about it. For you, what part of is that you need to think about it?

Mainly the price.. It’s quite pricy…

Awesome! What part part of the price is that you are trying to wrap head around? 

Payment plan or deposite gonna help. 

❌Cheap low quality lessons make you study 1 million hours

✅Expensive high quality lessons make you study just 100 hours in 2-6 months. 

Save your time and money.

OMG… your life is not yours…   “I need to ask my wife or husband”

Yeah I totally get it, but what if your wife/ husband say No, 

Are you gonna move forward? Or you just need to follow your wife/ husband?

🙆‍♀️Yeah I’m gonna move forward anyway 

✅Ok then let’s get started. 

🙅‍♀️No, I have to follow 

✅Yeah, I totally understand but what do you think your partner is the biggest objection that bothers you to not learn Japanese?

A lot of wives are say NO! that I can teach you, you should do this etc. etc., 

but actually not helping for so many years. A wife has actual stress because you can’t speak. She also doesn’t know how to solve it.

BUT I’m sure your wife is great after you really can speak Japanese, they are appreciate what you do right?