Script – Book the consultation

We want to book the consultation as soon as possible, 2 or 3 days post the setting call.

Setter person: Did I understand correctly? You are interested in improving conversational Japanese rather than focusing on documentational Japanese? You don’t want to read books, newspapers, etc?

All right, so we can move forward to the next step which is going to be a one-hour consultation on zoom.

In this 1h consultation, We are going to check your current level, and we can see your future progress, like how much you can improve from your current level.

And also, of course you can learn what is the fastest way to start speaking Japanese as soon as possible so that you can learn our learning structure.

We need at least one hour, so let me just check our availability here… We will be available tomorrow at 3 pm, 7 pm and also 9:30 pm JST. Would any of these times work for you? (*check real availability in the calendar*)

Unfortunately, today we’re fully booked, however, tomorrow we’ll have some time at 6 pm Japan time, 8 pm. Which time is the best for you?

So I’m going to send you an invitation through your e-mail, and please make sure to press the Yes button when it shows. Is that ok?


Listen to the audio, practice the script and record your own audio. Use the persona in the audio when you practice. Upload your audio below: