Script – First 30 seconds

🧠 Setter Mindset:
✅ Project professionalism and supportiveness; your confidence is key.
✅ Convey that we are highly sought after, making the client feel privileged to have this conversation.

Setter Person: Hi Thomas ,We are calling from Japan Language Factory, and you signed up on our website to learn Japanese, is that correct?

Setter Person: Amazing, so this is actually a 5 minutes call, and We would like to ask you a few questions to know exactly if we can help you with your Japanese speaking skills!

Answer from lead: YES, NO

If YES: we can move forward to the next step, which is going to be a
1-hour consultation on Zoom, so you can learn what is the fastest, easiest way to start speaking Japanese.

Setter Person: So, I see that your number is a Japanese (American, etc…) *phone number*, so I guess that you’re living in Japan at the moment, is that correct?

Setter Person: Amazing!!
Setter Person: So By the Way Thomas, how long have you been living in Japan for, and have you ever Studied Japanese Before?

**note** If the person is not living in Japan, the most important thing is to KNOW WHY THIS PERSON IS INTERESTED IN LEARNING JAPANESE! Is this person super rich, coming to Japan often for Business, Tourism etc? (Probably Super Qualified)


Listen to the audio, practice the script and record your own audio. Use the persona in the audio when you practice. Upload your audio below: