Script – Have you studied Japanese before?

Have you ever studied Japanese Before?
What are your difficulties?

Yeah, I Understand! It is a very common problem. Most people who study Japanese say that I am not sure how to make sentences, put the words together. Especially because is so much different than English.

I have no confidence
We have many student living in Japan for more than 20 years. But they have the same problem. They know a lot of words, but It really doesn’t mean they can hold the conversation. So knowing the right method to improve, is the best and the easiest way to feel more confident when speaking!

Textbooks Studying Are Hard
In passive learning, There is 0 interaction.
Because for example, children learn how to speak through everyday communication. None of the children can’t learn just by watching the TV or books, If you want to learn how to communicate, definitely you need to interact with others. Just like that you can understand what is the proper response, what is the proper reaction.

I think studying Japanese is difficult because it takes a lot of time
It is very common. People believe if they really want to learn, they have to invest a lot of time. Have you ever watched our YouTube Channel or Website? We always say that you need only 5 to 20 minutes to study every day. You don’t need plenty of hours.

So many people say that they are studying for 1h, but at the end of the day, they pretty much dont remember anything they studied. This means the core problem is not about time. Is about How much they remember. With the right method, in a few minutes you can easily memorize the things youre studying!

I can read Hiragana and Katakana, and some Kanji, btu cant speak! The writing part and the reading part are totally different than speaking/communication in Japanese. They are very different from each other. We can use the example of KIDS, they can already speak, but until they go to school they cant read anything.


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