Script – People just moved to Japan less than 1 year

🧠 People’s mind

✅ Have no idea what is Japan, what is Japanese languages are, either too hard and impossible to learn or too optimistic about learning Japanese. They think it’s easy to learn Japanese.

🧐Understand why do they want to learn this most difficult language in the world

  1. They just moved to Japan alone by work *Military, Company
    Trying to get a Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Friends (If they are Americans, most likely they will join)
    😓Lonliness, Feeling alone, boring,
  2. Big changes in their life (For example, Child will start going to school, and the parents need to communicate with the teachers; People who just got married, and need to communicate with their in-laws.; People that just got divorced and need Japanese to solve things by themselves etc…)
  3. Housewives (From Rich People, or Military People) who want to talk more with other moms at school, enjoy Japan more etc.

Try to always be supportive, by understanding what they are trying to tell you! Try to understand their pain, and let them know that you`re there to HELP, nothing else.


Listen to the audio, practice the script and record your own audio. Use the persona in the audio when you practice. Upload your audio below: