Script – People who are Living in Japan between 2 to 5 years

🧠 People’s mind

✅ They are bad at making decisions to learn, and time management.
I want to learn but I’m very busy, feeling like very difficult to even start learning or already learning but doesn’t see any results.

Military Base People:

Actually, we have a lot of students working on the Iwakuni, Yokosukam Okinawa base. It is really common for us. Which base are you working right now?

And then, you don’t need to use the Japanese language at work; Right? Because most of our students don’t need to use our Japanese at work, In your case is also the same?

What would you like to do in Japan if you could Speak Japanese?

During this Years in Japan, did you try something to study? Maybe by yourself, did you take some lessons?

English Teachers: (Those who want to change career)

It is really competitive and tough job. Unfortunately Salary is also competitive, and most of the time quite low. I understand. What kind of job do you want to do? Do you have a target?

We have many students who are English teachers. Some of them want to be musicians and artists for example, while others would like to go more for a ~Tech~ environment. English teacher is the easiest option to get a job in Japan. Many people don’t want to continue to work as a teacher forever, that`s why the come to us seeking for a better chance!

Professional Players (Basketball Etc…)

Do you talk to your teammate through a translater? Do you want to understand what they say and local and outside of the rugby also? We have many professional athletes, like basket players, and they want to communicate better and build friendships better, your case is common and similar to another athletes that are also our students!

Students Living in Japan for over 10 Years

So after living … years in Japan, why are you interested in improving your speaking skills? I`m pretty sure you already got used to the life in Japan without Japanese. Did you have any changes?


Listen to the audio, practice the script and record your own audio. Use the persona in the audio when you practice. Upload your audio below: