Script – Questions / Reactions

Questions to ask:

  • Setter Person: How Long Have You Been Living in Japan? 
  • Setter Person: Have you ever Studied Japanese before? 

Understand clients PAIN points😓
TRIGGER PAIN, No problem No sales.

Understand and empathize with the difficulties faced by clients, recognizing that addressing these pain points is essential for successful engagement.

🧠 Setter mindset

✅ Display a deep understanding of Japanese learning challenges and client needs.

✅ Reference our diverse student successes as examples.

✅ Confidently assure students who struggle with learning Japanese, “I CAN HELP YOU!”

✅ Tailor interactions based on individual personalities and needs.

1, Busy/Rich people to enjoy life
:PAIN Taking too much time and no results

2, Not having any knowledge about learning Japanese but willing to learn
:PAIN Language apps and textbooks need 5,6 hours too much time and no results

3, So much experience and knowledge in learning Japanese having JLPT certificate but frustrated to speak Japanese
:PAIN Having same results like past experience like JLPT and language schools and not having progress in life.
:Answer This program is totally different and achieve student goal (Knowing what is their expectation is very important, for example relationship or job interview)

4, Desperate to learn Japanese, job interview to have a job ASAP
:PAIN Can’t get better job, suffer a difficult life in Japan
:Answer GET A JOB ASAP (Testimonial is very important about job interview)

5, Not sure about future or purpose of learning Japanese (high possibility unqualified)
There’s no pain but if this person is extremely rich, even the low motivation or no purpose they can afford it. (If it’s USA then still ok to book a consultation).


Listen to the audio, practice the script and record your own audio. Use the persona in the audio when you practice. Upload your audio below: