Setter call – Qualified vs. Unqualified Countries

How we get the leads
Our leads are generated through targeted advertising campaigns that reach a diverse audience of foreigners in Japan interested in Japanese language learning. These leads have taken an active step by providing us with their contact details, expressing their keen interest in our language programs.

The initial setter call marks the first point of contact initiated by our company, and the subsequent flow of the interaction varies based on whether the lead originates from a qualified or unqualified country.

Qualified Countries = USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France

Setter call flow:
1. Call intro
2. How long have you been living in Japan?
3. Have you studied Japanese before?
4. What are your future plans?
5. JLF Teaching Method
6. Book Consultation meeting

Audio Qualified Country:

Unqualified Countries = India, Pakistan, Philippines etc.

Setter call:

  1. Call intro
  2. Purpose of learning Japanese?
  3. Current Japanese speaking skills?
  4. Have you studied Japanese before?
  5. ⁠Send testimonials

Setter call follow up:

6. Pricing Announcement
7. Get payment

Audio Unqualified Countries:

Initial Setter call:

Follow-up call: