Setter Call

🧠 Setter Mindset:
✅ Project professionalism and supportiveness; your confidence is key.
✅ Convey that we are highly sought after, making the client feel privileged to have this conversation.


Setter Person: “Hi Thomas, We are calling from Japan Language Factory, and you signed up on our website to learn Japanese, is that correct?”

Purpose of Call

Setter Person: “Amazing, so this is actually a 5 minutes call, and We would like to ask you a few questions to know exactly if we can help you with your Japanese speaking skills! YES, NO we can move forward to the next step, which is going to be a 1-hour consultation on Zoom, so you can learn what is the fastest, easiest way to start speaking Japanese.”

Initial Questions

Setter Person: “So, I saw here that your number is a Japanese (American, etc…) Phone Number, so I guess that you`re living in Japan at the moment, is that correct?”

Follow-Up: “So By the Way Thomas, how long have you been living in Japan for, and have you ever Studied Japanese Before?”

Understanding the Client’s Background
If the client is not in Japan, it’s crucial to uncover their motivation for learning Japanese. This could indicate high qualification, especially if they frequently visit Japan for business, tourism, or other reasons.

Engaging Questions / Understanding Client Needs
Delve into the duration of their stay in Japan and prior Japanese language studies to identify their pain points and triggers. Our goal is to address these challenges by showcasing how our program, distinct from traditional methods, can meet their specific needs.

Tailoring the Conversation
For clients with varying backgrounds—from busy professionals to those with no prior Japanese knowledge—we emphasize the ease and speed of our method.

For individuals with extensive experience or a JLPT certificate but lacking in speaking skills, we highlight the unique advantages of our program.

Addressing the immediate needs of clients seeking employment or unsure about their learning objectives is crucial. Our program’s flexibility and focus on speaking and listening cater to a wide range of goals.

Special Considerations
Understanding the client’s long-term plans in Japan is essential for recommending the appropriate course of action.

Inquiry about their familiarity with our website or social media channels can provide insights into their level of interest and engagement.

Booking the Consultation
Emphasize the focus on conversational Japanese and clarify the client’s priorities to ensure alignment with our offerings.

Provide clear options for scheduling the consultation, aiming for a booking within 2 to 3 days to maintain momentum.

Last step for Unqualified Countries

Addressing Pricing and Course Details
Outline the structure and benefits of the Master Course Level 1, including personalized and group training components, and highlight the flexibility and effectiveness of our method.

Discuss pricing, payment plans, and the option to calculate fees in the client’s native currency if necessary.