The master course program

Comprehensive Course Material:
Students enrolled in JLF’s Master Courses have free access to an extensive 113-page guide, meticulously crafted by Terumi. This guide is an invaluable resource, detailing the methodology and practices for mastering Japanese in as little as two months.

Success Mindset Training:
Participation in the pre-recorded Success Mindset Training with Terumi is a compulsory element of our curriculum, ensuring every student is primed for success with a foundation in the right mental approach and strategies. This essential training underscores our dedication to not just academic excellence but also to fostering a resilient and positive mindset among our learners.

Personalized training & group sessions:
Our comprehensive Master Course offers a structured learning experience through Zoom, encompassing 30 hours of personalized training, 36 hours of group training featuring speaking role plays, and daily self-training sessions of 20 minutes, cumulating to approximately 100 hours.

The design of our Master Course allows for a degree of flexibility in terms of training duration and pace, catering to the individual needs and schedules of our students.

Potential Completion Timeframe: The course is structured to be potentially completed within 2 months. This is achievable if students engage in more than 4 hours of personal training and 4.5 hours of group sessions per week (either live or watching recorded videos), in addition to 10 to 20 minutes of self-training per day. However, these are not strict requirements.

Student Autonomy in Pace: Students have the freedom to choose their own pace depending on their personal schedule and progress. The Master Course encompasses approximately 100 hours of training in total, which can be extended to about 150 hours if students maximize their group sessions (up to 72 hours) and engage in more than the minimum self-training time.

Recommendations for Completion: While the Japan Language Factory recommends completing the course within 2 to 6 months to achieve the best results, based on our testimonials, the duration and pace are ultimately the student’s responsibility. We encourage students to seek advice from their personal trainers, who can provide guidance tailored to their lifestyle and progress.

No Expiry Date: The 100 to 150 hours of training in the Master Course do not have an expiration date. Students are encouraged to complete the course at their own convenience and pace.