Let's learn useful phrases when you want to tell your knowledge in an interview.🤓🔥



Speaking training is necessary to give a perfect presentation in Japanese!

Have you experienced when you went to the interview or when you want to speak Japanese, you couldn’t tell what you thought?
I know about it more!! But I just couldn’t explain in Japanese!!!! etc…
You are studying Japanese, but you can’t speak it well.
Must-see for those who are worried about it!! 🔥

No matter how good/bad you are at talking, no matter how much you are studying Japanese,
Speaking training is necessary to give a perfect presentation🔥😃

Even for native speakers, speaking in public can be stressful!! 
Today, Let’s learn how you can tell your knowledge in a Japanese interview.
The common mistakes are not being able to tell your knowledge well or being asked what you don’t know, pretending to know it, or giving strange answers.😭
Today, let’s learn phrases that can be used at such times!!!
✅Case 1 When asked what you know.
✴️Best phrase
はい。御社の新しいプロジェクトは、御社のwebサイトや、youtube で拝見させていただきました。とても素晴らしい進化だと思います。
Yes. You can see your new project on your website and on youtube. I think it’s a wonderful evolution.
⬇️Bad phrase

Yes, I know. ..
✅Case 2 When asked what you don’t know.
✴️Best phrase
I’m sorry. I didn’t know. After this, I would like to check your company’s website and YouTube immediately.
⬇️Bad phrase
I do not know.
How was it?😃
If you learn how to answer well, you can answer perfectly. And once you’ve learned the perfect answer, just memorize it.😉

To speak fluently, you need to memorize.
Let’s start special training today!🤓
Let’s start working at a Japanese company next year!🇯🇵
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