Become A Japanese Speaker
In Just 2 Months.

Why does it take more than 20 years to learn Japanese if you do it wrong?

People who have trouble learning Japanese usually study kanji, grammar, and vocabulary incessantly, forgetting and learning every day in a vicious cycle. If you’ve been studying Japanese for more than three months and you can’t speak it at all, you already have a problem.

How can you learn to speak in Just 2 months?

Japanese conversation ability is a skill that allows you to speak perfectly in Japanese within one second from asking a question. By memorizing self-introductions and phrases commonly used in Japanese conversation, practicing perfect pronunciation, and learning how to speak Japanese.
In two months, you will be able to speak Japanese.

 Anyone who knows Hiragana can start Terumi’s method to become a fluent Japanese speaker.

Why can’t you speak Japanese even if you study Japanese grammar for 1,000 hours?

Terumi's method
10-day Free curriculum

This is a 10-day newsletter built to fast-track your learning curve, show you what not to do, and the best advice for finally mastering the Japanese language. 

Day 1

Why 2500 kanji are not useful for Japanese speaking skills?

Day 2

Why Learning random words from a textbook will not help you in Japanese speaking?

Day 3

Why even if you pass the JLPT, it’s normal to not be able to speak?

Day 4

Why you should stop translating from English to Japanese in order to speak Japanese?

Day 5

Why you should stop studying Japanese particles in order to speak Japanese.

Day 6

How to start speaking today! How can you speak Japanese in 2 months?

Day 7

What should you memorize to speak Japanese?

Day 8

Why do you need to practice hard your pronunciation?

Day 9

What do we need to practice for natural Japanese conversation?

Day 10

What should you do when you can’t understand what Japanese people talk about?

Voices of successful students of the Terumi's Method

Eira Culverwell 🇬🇧
Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Shinatemi Player
For anyone who’s never learned Japanese or for those who may have studied a bit or even taken the JLPT N5’s, you will make HUGE progress in your Japanese. In just a month and a half, my reading and writing skills, along with my confidence to speak, have improved to the point where I would feel comfortable introducing myself.
Kiss Zsófia 🇭🇺
University Student
I started searching for a Japanese teacher because I wanted to improve my language skills. I can proudly say: I found the best Japanese teacher! ❤️ I will go to Japan in 2021 April to study at the Tokyo International University. I recommend your lessons to everybody who would like to speak Japanese fluently!
Alkisti Symeonidou 🇩🇪🇬🇷
Multimedia designer
Learning a new language is always hard but Terumi’s guidance brings me to speak confidently enough. Following a textbook and committing everything to get proficiency is not the key to learn proper Japanese. Terumi will surely help you though being confident to speak.

Before and After Video

Terumi Kai
Originally from Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. After working as an owner of a cooking school in Tokyo, she moved to Greece. Learned English and Greek in one year using her own original method. Currently capable of beginner German as well. Developed the Terumi’s Method, a conversation method specialized for Japanese conversation.

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Most of all, you will learn about Terumi’s method and how and why it works. 
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