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Why even if you pass the JLPT, it's normal to not be able to speak?

 Hello! How are you??
This blog is sharing my method to become a Japanese speaker as soon as possible in 2 months and my experience of how I became a 4 language speaker.
Actually 3! Now I’m still exercising German since last year with my method!
My learning method is the best for the person who actually can’t wait many years to become a Japanese speaker because you are like me? who is already an adult and doesn’t want to lose many years???
Yeah, I actually wasn’t rush when I was a high school student,
I was believing one day I can speak English.
But when I became age 28, I start feeling like
I might be a grandmother without English speaking skills.
That means I will lose all opportunities to work abroad,
live abroad, having foreign friends, etc…
So I decided to study efficiently to make a huge progress
as soon as possible.
Also, I realized that…
I was studying for the writing test. Not for speaking.
Like Kanji and speaking are totally different skills.🤔
You might have studied Japanese hard and passed the JLPT, but you might felt weak afterward. Because you still don’t have the confidence to talk in Japanese in front of people.
The reason why you can’t feel confident in Japanese speaking,
because you can’t make proper Japanese sentences in 1 second.
Proper Japanese conversation has just 1-2 seconds to answer and ask.✅
You need to explain who you are perfectly✅
You need to answer in 1 second perfectly✅
you need to ask in 1 second perfectly✅
Otherwise, the conversation is too slow.
Or if you make a lot of mistakes in pronunciation, grammar, and words,
it will be ununderstandable.
If you would like to speak Japanese properly, JLPT or any writing tests can’t help.
As I told you last time, studying kanji, grammar and words do not mean that you will be able to speak fluently today with proper speed, proper grammar, proper words in 1 second.
Don’t be disappointed with your JLPT studies or any writing exercise, start practicing speaking today😉
What we need now to speak Japanese fluently in 2 months, is to learn the most frequently used proper Japanese phrases to explain who you areanswerask and give feedback to make a proper conversation with the proper pronunciation.😉

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