No one pushes you to learn Japanese.

No one pushes you to learn Japanese.This is your choice.This might be your future.This might be to find yourself.

That’s why I always say “If you don’t like it, better not continue.There’s no point in continuing something that you don’t like”
Actually many people believe that doing something that they like is not good. because they believe that this is not education, this is just a hobby.

But we have that word in Japan. 


Means the most fantastic thing in life is work for something we love.
Actually doing something that you hate is easy.You do whatever your parents say or you do whatever others say.Which means you don’t have yourself. you don’t think anything.

Why am I talking about this?
Many students told me that others are laughing at themselves.
Because there’s no point in learning Japanese in Greece.
Can you think about me?
What’s the point in living in Greece from Japan?
Am I wrong?
My life is totally wrong?
Because this is my life.
I don’t care what others say to me.
Because this is only one time in my life and this is mine.
I’m a totally different person and have different experiences in my life.
This is me.

So I really want to ask you, who you are?

The saddest thing in life is you never know what you are?you will never find an exactly same person with you have to find yourself! Learning Japanese is good for you? or not?You know the answer I guess 🙂