In 2022, Becoming bilingual is our standard.


Terumi Kai

JLF Founder

Native Language: Japanese
2nd Language: English
3rd Language: Greek
4th Language: German

Background: Born in Yamanashi in 1986. Raised in Kumamoto, Niigata. Established a skincare food cooking school from 2011-2015 in Meguro, Tokyo, and established Japan Language Factory in 2016- present.

Mission: Changing the language learning industry in the world to provide the most efficient way to be bilingual as fast as possible.

Motivation: Life is only once. I would love to enjoy myself with the best job, the best people, and the best environment for the next 300 years.

Quart: Follow what you really want in your life.


Chihiro Kobayashi

Bilingual Coach at JLF Headquarter

Native Language: Japanese
2nd Language: English
Background: Born and raised in Fukui. Working as a kindergarten teacher and diving instructor has brought me to the Philippines, Australia, and other countries.
Mission:  Instead of teaching language knowledge, provide ways for anyone to become bilingual and achieve personal goals.
Motivation: Never be satisfied with who I am now, never be afraid to try new things, and pursue and thrive, until the end of my life.
Quote: Life isn’t perfect, any failures you have are actually learning moments. 

Shono Midorikawa

Bilingual Coach 

Native Language: Japanese
2nd Language: English
Background: Born in Chiba in 1995. Raised in Saitama. Used to live in Canada and Australia for studying English and making friends.
Mission: I want to tell people that by becoming bilingual, they can expand their options and live a life full of more possibilities.
Motivation: To be the kind of person that makes other people’s lives better.
Quart: I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.

Shiho Gautier

Bilingual Coach 

Native Language: Japanese
2nd Language: English
3rd Language: French (Basic Level)
Background: Born in Gifu in 1987.Experienced a working holiday in Australia at age of 24. After that Lived in Newzealand, Canada, and Philippines as well.
Mission: Provide the most effective way to be bilingual and make people’s life easier, happier, and more communicative.
Motivation: Even if it’s a small step, I want to do my best to change someone’s life better with what I can.
Quart: Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Mai Yanagi

Bilingual Coach 

Native Language: Japanese
2nd Language: English
Background: Born and raised in Fukuoka, and living in Kumamoto now. Worked in the TV industry for 8 years, and found the meaning of life in teaching and coaching.
Mission: Let people know that being bilingual isn’t that hard once they know the right way to do it.
Motivation: Meeting and talking with new people in the world and changing their lives in a happy and good way inspire my own life.
Quote:  Smile, and be happy!

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