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Terumi Kai


Born and raised in Japan for 30 years, she developed a speaking training method based on her complex of not being able to speak English which is very common in Japan.

At age 35, She became multilingual by speaking English, Greek and currently training in German.

She advocates that “studying” does not lead to being able to speak naturally. She teaches daily speaking training in 7 stages and believes that anyone can become bilingual with the right training.


Chihiro Kobayashi

Coach at JLF Headquarter

Hello, Nice to meet you, I’m Chihiro. born and raised in Fukui, Japan, where I spend most of my life, but currently living in the beautiful subtropical island of Okinawa. 

My career started in Fukui as a preschool teacher. My passion for traveling and diving, let me become a diving instructor. Working in the diving industry brought me to many places around the world, like the Philippines, Thailand, and Australia. 

Also, currently, I’m doing speaking training in my 3rd language  German.  Let us learn together new languages.

Kazuyo Ono

Coach at JLF Headquarter

My name is Kazuyo.
I live in London. I’ve been living in London for 19 years. I believe London is clearly the most cosmopolitan city. I’ve met so many people from all over the world that makes me more interested in language, customs, culture, and people. I learned a lot from it which I would have not known if I was still living in Japan.
Learning a language is definitely one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my entire life. Especially when it comes to speaking, there is a difference in each language. If you know how to speak, how to communicate, I can assure you that it can change your life!!
How I learned to speak English, was not the traditional way. I am honored to be a JLF coach and I am dedicated to our method so I would like to introduce our method to the world.
I am energetic, enthusiastic, fun, friendly, and most of all, I care for others. I love to help JLF students to archive their goals.
My teaching style: fun, considerate, and compassionate. Are these personality traits you are looking for in your next teacher??

Shono Midorikawa


はじめまして!Hi I’m Shono. I’m from Saitama. But currently I live in London. I love playing basketball so I go to play basketball once a week! And I also love watching films, especially horror movies 🙂 I used to live in Australia and Canada as well for studying English and working with local people and learning about their culture and making lots of friends.
The one skill I have that I am most proud of is my people skills. Very easily said, but it is a profoundly useful skill. I may not have a heritage in language jobs, but I do in ‘people’ jobs. If you know how to communicate or approach a conversation with a Japanese person, regardless of your grammatical level, you will be able to survive in Japan. Further learning will only help you thrive in Japan and build a community of friends, colleagues or even family.
The most important part is not worrying about making mistakes. We only learn from mistakes and they make us stronger. So if you take my lesson, do not be frightened of getting answers wrong, or not knowing. We all have to start from somewhere, and I look forward to helping you on your Japanese language journey!

Chiaki Yamada


Hi, my name is Chiaki and I am from Osaka, Japan. If you want to learn Osaka-ben (Osaka dialect) I’m here to teach you or, if you prefer, I can of course speak with a general Japanese accent.

I am patient, easy-going, and fun! I’ve been playing basketball since I was a child, more recently I have taken up outdoor sports such as snowboarding and surfing. I love taking part in sporting activities as it keeps me fit and encourage positivity!

I love to travel and I have visited around 30 countries. I have traveled in a van across Japan for 3 months and I have many recommendations for places to visit in Japan. I have also lived in Australia, Canada and the UK. I couldn’t speak English at all when I first went to Australia. At first, I was scared to try to speak English because I didn’t want to be embarrassed or to end up seeming rude. I came to realize that if I didn’t try or allow myself to make mistakes, I wouldn’t be able to learn anything! I kept trying and that’s how I have managed to (and continue to) improve my English.
I completely understand how challenging it can be to learn a new language but the reward is priceless and it is a life-changing skill.
I am so excited to help you to become a confident Japanese speaker!!

Momoka Igarashi


Hi, I’m Momoka. I was born and raised in Yamagata, located in the southern Tohoku region, where you can enjoy the idyllic landscape. I have experience living in Canada and Brazil.

I have been following my passion for learning different cultures and languages to broaden my horizons. I also love spending my time playing piano and flute, traveling, and watching Netflix.

Do you feel like your efforts in learning Japanese not paying off? 
Are you still struggling with communicating with Japanese?
Then you have come to the right place. We will thoroughly help you get through all the difficulties you might encounter and make you a great Japanese speaker! 

Don’t underestimate your potential, and never be afraid of making mistakes. Let’s turn a new page in your life and create a successful story. As they say, “there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.”What are you waiting for?

I’m looking forward to seeing you in my class!

Kihoko Mizuno


Hi, I’m Kihoko and I go by Kiho. I was born and raised in Gifu and I’ve lived in Tokyo and Los Angeles.
I’m so excited and grateful to become a life support/language coach at Japan Language Factory.
I know that learning new things could be challenging. Sometimes it takes courage. 

But you’ve already taken a huge step towards becoming a new version of yourself! I’d like to create a safe zone for you, so please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
I describe myself as a positive, easygoing, fun, and patient person. I enjoy art, anime/manga, playing basketball, and meditation.
I’m currently based in Japan and working towards a goal to become an illustrator.
Let’s motivate each other and achieve our goals together! がんばりましょう 🙂

Next successful student is you!

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