Success story from your mistakes is the best way to prove your experience.😄🔥



There's no success story without failure.

That’s why in a company interview, explain how much you’ve failed and the success story from failure.
Talking about your experience of failure can prove how much effort you have made.
Today, let’s simulate what kind of failure experience you can tell a success story in Japanese.😃
✴️For students
✅Good example
(When I was a student, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I couldn’t get motivated no matter what I studied, and I couldn’t get good points at school, so I had a hard time.
However, there was an opportunity to go to the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015, I realized that I wanted to work in the automobile industry, and since then I have been studying hard at the Faculty of Engineering. The car gave me a dream.
Therefore, my dream is to work in the car industry.)
⬇️Bad example
I’ve always liked cars, so I want to work in the car industry.
✴️For the person who will change jobs.
✅Good example
(In my previous job, I had a hard time because I couldn’t get good results in sales. Since I studied cars hard by looking at books, magazines, YouTube, etc. so that I can explain cars professionally, I have been able to explain with confidence to customers.)
⬇️Bad example
I’m good at speaking, so I’m always good at promoting cars.

How was it?
A bad example is that it’s not convincing.
There’s no success without failure.
If you’ve really succeeded, you’ve probably failed.
That’s why let’s talk about failures and successes.
In my lesson, I will make a perfect self-introduction in Japanese for you that you can use in the interview.
Also, practice Q & A in Japanese. Combine private lessons and group lessons to prepare for a company interview.
You will be ready to apply for a Japanese company interview!!
A year later, you may already be working for a Japanese company.
All you need is your decision and your ability to act.
Let’s do this!! 
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