Terms & Conditions

Japan Language Factory LTD
Kemp House, 128-160,
City Road London
EC1V2NX London, United Kingdom
(hereinafter also referred to as: “Japan Language Factory”)

1. Scope of Application
(1) All services and offers from Japan Language Factory are made exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions. They are an integral part of all contracts that Japan Language Factory concludes with its contractual partners (hereinafter also referred to as the “Customer”) for the deliveries or services offered. They shall also apply to all future services, or offers to the Customer, even if they are not separately agreed again.

(2) Terms and conditions of the Customer or third parties do not apply, even if Japan Language Factory does not separately object to their validity in individual cases. Even if Japan Language Factory refers to a letter or an e-mail that contains or refers to the terms and conditions of the customer or a third party, this does not constitute consent to the validity of those terms and conditions

(3)  When concluding a contract with Japan Language Factory, the Customer confirms that he is accepting these terms & condition. And it is the customers responsibility to read those carefully before purchasing services from Japan Language Factory.

2. Services of Japan Language Factory 
(1) Japan Language Factory provide online Japanese language lessons with a private tutor.

(2) Japan Language Factory also provides coaching and consulting services for private persons, entrepreneurs and companies that want to advance in the Japanese language.

If the Customer does not meet their obligations to cooperate and for this reason Japan Language Factory cannot complete its services in whole or in part within the agreed time, the agreed period of time will be extended accordingly.

3. Conclusion of Contracts
(1) The contract between Japan Language Factory and the Customer may be concluded by telephone, in writing or in text form.

(2) In the case of a verbal contract formation, and if requested, the Customer shall receive an order confirmation from Japan Language Factory. However, this is not grounds for the conclusion of the contract.

4. Payments, Prices, Conditions
(1) The prices quoted and communicated by Japan Language Factory are binding. 

(2) Payment for Japan Language Factory’s services shall be made immediately after the invoice has been issued or by individual agreement.  

(3) Japan Language Factory will issue the customer a proper invoice showing the sales tax (if necessary by vicarious agents).

(4) In the event that agreed direct debits cannot be withdrawn from the customer’s account and a chargeback occurs, the customer is obliged to transfer the amount owed to Japan Language Factory within three working days of the chargeback and bear the costs caused by the chargeback.

5. Termination, Term, Acceptance Date
Japan Language Factory defines “termination” as a change occurring before the lessons start date. 

In order to terminate the enrolment with Japan Language Factory, the students need to provide prior written notice.

The processing of the refunds will be based on the following terms:

(1) Upon receiving the termination request 30 days prior to the first lesson, 30% of the amount paid will be refunded (except any non-refundable fees*).

(2) No refund will be provided for any termination request received after any of the above-mentioned time periods.

(3) Non-refundable Deposits are non-refundable.

(4) Terminations must be made in writing in order to be effective.

6. Default/Extraordinary Termination

(1) If the Customer has defaulted on payment, Japan Language Factory reserves the right not to provide further services until the outstanding amount has been settled.

7. Conduct and Consideration

The Customer shall act according to the conduct of an honest businessman when dealing with Japan Language Factory. We reserve the right to prosecute any illegal and/or improper or unfounded statement about our company and our services, be it by customers, competitors or other third parties, in particular untrue statements of fact and defamatory criticism, under civil law and, furthermore, to bring criminal charges without prior notice.

8. Final Provisions

(1) Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions are only effective if they have been agreed in writing. Individual agreements made with the Customer on a case-by-case basis, including side agreements, additions and changes) always take precedence over these General Terms and Conditions. 

Terms and Conditions as of: 01/07/2022 © Japan Language Factory