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(hereinafter also referred to as: “Japan Language Factory”)

1. Scope of Application
(1) All services and offers from Japan Language Factory are made exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions. They are an integral part of all contracts that Japan Language Factory concludes with its contractual partners (hereinafter also referred to as the “Customer”) for the deliveries or services offered. They shall also apply to all future services, or offers to the Customer, even if they are not separately agreed again.

(2) Terms and conditions of the Customer or third parties do not apply, even if Japan Language Factory does not separately object to their validity in individual cases. Even if Japan Language Factory refers to a letter or an e-mail that contains or refers to the terms and conditions of the customer or a third party, this does not constitute consent to the validity of those terms and conditions

(3)  When concluding a contract with Japan Language Factory, the Customer confirms that he is accepting these terms & condition. And it is the customers responsibility to read those carefully before purchasing services from Japan Language Factory.

2. Services of Japan Language Factory 
(1) Japan Language Factory provide online Japanese language lessons with a private tutor.

(2) Japan Language Factory also provides coaching and consulting services for private persons, entrepreneurs and companies that want to advance in the Japanese language.

If the Customer does not meet their obligations to cooperate and for this reason Japan Language Factory cannot complete its services in whole or in part within the agreed time, the agreed period of time will be extended accordingly.

3. Conclusion of Contracts
(1) The contract between Japan Language Factory and the Customer may be concluded by telephone, in writing or in text form.

(2) In the case of a verbal contract formation, and if requested, the Customer shall receive an order confirmation from Japan Language Factory. However, this is not grounds for the conclusion of the contract.

4. Payments, Prices, Conditions
(1) The prices quoted and communicated by Japan Language Factory are binding. 

(2) Payment for Japan Language Factory’s services shall be made immediately after the invoice has been issued or by individual agreement.  

(3) Japan Language Factory will issue the customer a proper invoice showing the sales tax (if necessary by vicarious agents).

(4) In the event that agreed direct debits cannot be withdrawn from the customer’s account and a chargeback occurs, the customer is obliged to transfer the amount owed to Japan Language Factory within three working days of the chargeback and bear the costs caused by the chargeback.

5. Termination, Term, Acceptance Date
Japan Language Factory defines “termination” as a change occurring before the lessons start date. 

In order to terminate the enrolment with Japan Language Factory, the students need to provide prior written notice.

The processing of the refunds will be based on the following terms:

(1) Upon receiving the termination request 30 days prior to the first lesson, 30% of the amount paid will be refunded (except any non-refundable fees*).

(2) No refund will be provided for any termination request received after any of the above-mentioned time periods.

(3) Non-refundable Deposits are non-refundable.

(4) Terminations must be made in writing in order to be effective.

(5) Termination must be made before receiving course material. 

6. Default/Extraordinary Termination

(1) If the Customer has defaulted on payment, Japan Language Factory reserves the right not to provide further services until the outstanding amount has been settled.

7. Conduct and Consideration

The Customer shall act according to the conduct of an honest businessman when dealing with Japan Language Factory. We reserve the right to prosecute any illegal and/or improper or unfounded statement about our company and our services, be it by customers, competitors or other third parties, in particular untrue statements of fact and defamatory criticism, under civil law and, furthermore, to bring criminal charges without prior notice.

8. Final Provisions

(1) Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions are only effective if they have been agreed in writing. Individual agreements made with the Customer on a case-by-case basis, including side agreements, additions and changes) always take precedence over these General Terms and Conditions. 

9. JAPAN LANGUAGE FACTORY, – Official Statement on Terumi’s Method and the 2 Months Master Course (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)

Introduction: Learning Japanese is widely recognized as a challenging endeavor. With traditional textbook studies, acquiring proficiency in Japanese, which includes learning about 50,000 characters and over 500,000 words, typically requires immense dedication and discipline. It often involves 5 to 6 hours of daily study over a span of four years in a university setting. However, at JAPAN LANGUAGE FACTORY, we offer a revolutionary approach that diverges from traditional methods. Our course is centered around daily useful conversation and employs a very specific learning structure based on Terumi’s Method. This method requires just 10 to 20 minutes of training per day, making the process of learning Japanese more efficient and accessible to be able to speak Japanese with native Japanese people.

Japanese Language Complexity and Learning Approach

The Japanese language, with its thousands of characters and extensive vocabulary, presents a significant challenge for learners. Traditional learning methods often rely heavily on grammar-focused instruction, flashcard memorization, and dictionary-based learning. However, at JAPAN LANGUAGE FACTORY, we take a different approach.

Focus on Real-Life Conversation: Rather than getting bogged down in the complexities of grammar structures and rote memorization of characters, our course prioritizes practical, real-life conversational skills. We believe that the essence of language learning is the ability to communicate effectively in everyday situations.

Practical Application Over Theoretical Knowledge: Our learning structure is designed to immerse students in practical scenarios where they can use and improve their language skills in real time. This approach helps in building confidence and fluency more effectively than traditional methods.

Terumi’s Method: Central to our approach is Terumi’s Method, which emphasizes practical communication, pronunciation, and natural phrase memorization. This method steers away from the conventional emphasis on exhaustive character learning and grammar rules, focusing instead on the skills necessary to speak and understand Japanese in everyday contexts.

Terumi’s Method – A Unique Approach to Mastering Japanese

Overview: Terumi’s Method is a revolutionary approach to learning Japanese, focusing on enhancing speaking skills through daily training rather than traditional study methods. This method enables students to become independent in their language learning journey.

Key Components of Terumi’s Method:

Self-Improvement Focus: Our method empowers students to improve their speaking skills independently. Once mastered, the need for traditional Japanese lessons diminishes.

Pronunciation Training: Pronunciation is crucial for sounding like a native speaker. Our training, akin to practicing tongue-twisters, is designed to improve pronunciation daily.

Grammar Perspective: Instead of focusing on grammar, which can slow down speaking speed and cause mistakes, our approach encourages learning grammar in a more natural and intuitive way, similar to how children learn a language.

Memorization Techniques: We emphasize the importance of memorizing native phrases and understanding Japanese culture, rather than relying on direct translations from English. This helps in speaking more naturally and fluently.

Speaking Speed Control: Mastering the speed of speech is essential. Our method guides students in increasing their speaking speed to match that of native speakers, thereby boosting confidence in real-world conversations.

Conversation Flow: Conversations are more than just pronunciation and speed; they’re about engaging effectively. Our training includes techniques for interesting and fun conversations, helping students to form deeper relationships and new opportunities.

Importance of Self-Training: Consistent daily training is key to fluency. Our approach highlights that real communication skills come from practical, everyday use, not just from textbooks.

Effective Self-Training Methods: Understanding the importance of self-training is just the beginning. We teach the most effective ways to practice, much like learning workout techniques at a gym to enhance physical fitness.

Initial Consultation:
Prospective students participate in an initial consultation lasting between 15 minutes to 1 hour, conducted via phone call or Zoom. This session is instrumental in setting expectations, understanding the student’s current level of Japanese language proficiency, outlining language goals, and familiarizing them with the course structure. During this consultation, students are required to agree upon the direction of their Master Course, which includes understanding and committing to our unique learning structure and teaching methods.

Detailed Course Structure:

Start-Up Training Kit – The Foundation of Success in Terumi’s Method

Essential Viewing: The Start-Up Training Kit is a crucial component of our course. These videos are meticulously designed to introduce students to Terumi’s Method and the overall structure of our program. Watching these videos is not just recommended; it is essential for students to effectively follow our learning structure.

Impact on Learning Outcomes: Failure to watch the Start-Up Training Kit videos can significantly hinder a student’s ability to grasp and follow our unique learning approach. This may lead to not achieving the expected results. The videos lay the groundwork for the entire course, explaining key concepts, techniques, and the philosophy behind our innovative method.

Student Responsibility: While we strongly urge all students to watch these videos, the choice ultimately lies with them. It’s important for students to understand that their success in the course is closely linked to their commitment to our structured approach, starting with the Start-Up Training Kit.

Commitment to the Learning Structure: By enrolling in our course, students acknowledge the importance of adhering to our learning structure. Watching the Start-Up Training Kit videos is the first step in this commitment, setting the stage for a successful and enriching language learning journey.

3 Types of Training in the Master Course
Our course provides a comprehensive learning experience through Personal Training, Group Training, and Self-Training. Each training mode is designed to contribute uniquely to the mastery of the Japanese language.

Personal Training:

Live Sessions on Zoom: Personal training consists of live sessions conducted on Zoom, which are scheduled in advance using Google Calendar. This ensures a structured and consistent learning schedule.

Specialized Trainers: Our personal trainers are highly trained and specialized in Terumi’s Method. They are part of the Japan Language Factory team and are adept at delivering effective language instruction.
One-on-One Training: Each session is one-on-one, allowing trainers to focus entirely on the student’s individual needs and progress.

Session Duration and Total Hours: Each training session lasts for 1 hour. Students are allowed to take these live sessions for a total of 30 hours for each level of the course.

Group Training:

Zoom Sessions and Recorded Videos: Group sessions are held on Zoom according to a specific schedule, which is available on the Japan Language Factory membership site. Students have the option to participate in live sessions or access recorded videos on the site.
Duration of Access and Weekly Hours: Students have access to join group sessions for up to 1 year from the date of their enrollment. They are allowed to participate in 1.5 hours per week of live sessions and can access up to 36 hours of past recorded group sessions.
Maximum Live Session Hours: If a student dedicates to joining every week for 1.5 hours, they can attend up to a maximum of 72 hours of live sessions in a year.
Flexibility in Attendance: Students have the freedom to choose between attending live sessions or watching recorded videos. The schedule for live sessions is determined by the Japan Language Factory.
Code of Conduct: During group sessions, it is imperative for students to behave respectfully towards each other, allowing everyone the opportunity to speak and collaborate. Any student unable to adhere to these standards will be required to continue their learning through recorded videos only.


Student Responsibility: The responsibility for self-training rests entirely with the student. During the initial consultation, students commit to engaging in self-training for at least 10 to 20 minutes per day, following Terumi’s Method.
Impact on Learning Outcomes: The effectiveness and results of the course, particularly in developing Japanese speaking abilities, are highly dependent on the student’s commitment to self-training and the mindset training outlined in the Start-Up Kit videos.
Autonomy in Training: Whether students choose to follow the self-training and mindset training guidelines is their responsibility. Our program does not guarantee to maintain student motivation or discipline outside of class sessions.
Importance of Discipline and Effort: Students must acknowledge that discipline and effort are essential for achieving desired results. Without these, the expected outcomes in language proficiency may not be realized.

Training Duration and Flexibility

The design of our Master Course allows for a degree of flexibility in terms of training duration and pace, catering to the individual needs and schedules of our students.

Potential Completion Timeframe: The course is structured to be potentially completed within 2 months. This is achievable if students engage in more than 4 hours of personal training and 4.5 hours of group sessions per week (either live or watching recorded videos), in addition to 10 to 20 minutes of self-training per day. However, these are not strict requirements.

Student Autonomy in Pace: Students have the freedom to choose their own pace depending on their personal schedule and progress. The Master Course encompasses approximately 100 hours of training in total, which can be extended to about 150 hours if students maximize their group sessions (up to 72 hours) and engage in more than the minimum self-training time.

Recommendations for Completion: While the Japan Language Factory recommends completing the course within 2 to 6 months to achieve the best results, based on our testimonials, the duration and pace are ultimately the student’s responsibility. We encourage students to seek advice from their personal trainers, who can provide guidance tailored to their lifestyle and progress.

No Expiry Date: The 100 to 150 hours of training in the Master Course do not have an expiration date. Students are encouraged to complete the course at their own convenience and pace.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is clearly defined and agreed upon by students at the time of purchasing our program, as part of the terms and conditions of enrollment.

No Refunds Policy: We maintain a strict no-refunds policy. This policy applies regardless of the reason, including changes in the student’s motivation, the decision to discontinue studying Japanese, lifestyle changes, or any other personal needs or circumstances.

Commitment to Educational Journey: This policy reflects our dedication to our students’ educational journey and the resources we allocate to each student upon their enrollment. Our focus is on providing the highest quality education and support to all our students.

Student Autonomy and Responsibility: While we fully encourage our students to persevere and maximize their language learning experience, we understand that continuing the course is ultimately the student’s choice. Students have the authority to progress through the course at their own pace. However, the decision to discontinue or give up on the course does not qualify for a refund.

Encouragement of Persistence: We encourage students to maintain their discipline and efforts throughout the course. Our team is committed to supporting students in their language learning journey, and we aim to foster a supportive and motivating learning environment.

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