JLF Members Level 1

Speaking / Communication Training

Congratulations on your new beginning.

Points to note before starting the lesson.

✔️Before the Lesson
Before the lesson, make sure that your internet is stable and that zoom is working properly.

✔️During the lesson
During the lesson, make sure to take the lesson in a quiet environment so that you can concentrate on the lesson. Also, stay at your desk with your pen, textbook, and your notebook. and concentrate.

Also, be sure to turn on the camera so that you can communicate well with your coach.

✔️Rescheduling Request
We will invite you through google calendar to put you for the next lesson after receiving the rescheduling request.
You can send a request via the rescheduling form below this page.
Please be aware that the lesson will take place with or without your approval, and we request at least 24-hours notice for any rescheduling.

✔️Joining a group session
Group sessions are open to other students as well.
In order for everyone to feel comfortable participating in the group sessions
Please be respectful of other students.

Let's dig deeper into the JLF method.

Rescheduling Request Form

If you would like to reschedule your class, please use this form to submit a request. Please note that we request at least 24-hours’ notice for any rescheduling.

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      Referral System

      This is an announcement for JLF members.
      If you are pleased with your progress in our course, 

      why don’t you become a mentor and help other foreigners who are having trouble speaking Japanese?
      As a JLF member, if you introduce our master course to other foreigners who want to speak Japanese, and they join, you will be rewarded for every person you introduce to us.

      You can earn $330 for each person you refer to us.

      (10 percent of your payment) If you refer 10 people to us, 

      we will award you with a Master Course Advisor certificate.
      If you refer 10 people, you will be certified as a Master Course Advisor.

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