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Voices of successful students of the Terumi's Method

George Doganoglou 🇬🇷

Business Owner(37)

Having passed the old N4 JLPT, my speaking skill was pretty much non-existent.

I had stopped studying Japanese for about 11 years and finally decided to give it another go with Terumisan. Since then I’ve been doing my best to attend as many speaking classes as possible.

It was really hard at first but Terumisan’s positive energy and motivation helped me breakthrough my comfort zone and ultimately helped me get used to talking in Japanese without worrying about making mistakes. I then proceeded to the Speaking Master Course which really helped boost my confidence in conversation. I realized that learning advanced Japanese sentences off by heart helped me improve my grammar, vocabulary, and speaking all in one go.

If anyone hopes to become a Japanese speaker as soon as possible and is willing to put in the effort, I would definitely recommend Terumisan.

Samantha Bolan 🇬🇧

Charity Worker (26)

Back in 2019 I was working for Thomas Cook in Heraklion city wondering what my next adventure will be. 

Terumi’s Japanese classes popped up as an advertisement on facebook and I took that as a sign to go to Japan one day for a working holiday because I love Japanese culture and had visited Tokyo before. 

I took all sorts of lessons with Terumi ranging from learning and writing hiragana/katakana but writing sentences didn’t really stick with me as much, as I really just wanted to learn how to communicate with other Japanese people when I get to Japan. 

Terumi then made the 2 months Master Course  and I thought this sounded like exactly what I was looking for, and it was! 

I am able to confidently communicate with other Japanese speaking people and I am able to express myself how I would like to with the sentences me and Terumi crafted together. 

I am very thankful for Terumi’s help over the time I took part in her lessons and I recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning Japanese. Thank you Terumi San!!

Eira Culverwell 🇬🇧

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Shinatemi Player (37)

I’ve recently passed A1 speaking and listening and A1 reading and writing exams at JLF in under two months.

For anyone who’s never learned Japanese or for those who may have studied a bit or even taken the JLPT N5’s, you will make HUGE progress in your Japanese.

My experience with the Japanese language was very limited before I joined JLF. But in just a month and a half, my reading and writing skills, along with my confidence to speak, has improved to the point where I would feel comfortable introducing myself and hold a casual conversation-and that’s down to two things, Terumi-san’s method and passion for every student to succeed!

If only all teachers broke the language down; focusing on the self-introduction and then adding in the grammar (naturally), not through those boring old fashioned teaching styles; so many more people would learn a language.

I never worry about learning the grammar from the textbook, because we use it naturally, in sentences we would use in regular life conversations.

Don’t waste your time with anyone else. Stop it right now, you’re just wasting money and time!

Kiss Zsófia 🇭🇺

University Student(20)

I started searching for a Japanese teacher because I wanted to improve my language skills. I can proudly say: I found the best Japanese teacher! ❤️ I will go to Japan in 2021 April to study at the Tokyo International University. I recommend your lessons to everybody who would like to speak Japanese fluently!
Alkisti Symeonidou 🇩🇪🇬🇷

Multimedia designer(27)

Learning a new language is always hard but Terumi’s guidance brings me to speak confidently enough. Following a textbook and committing everything to get proficiency is not the key to learn proper Japanese. Terumi will surely help you though being confident to speak.

Next successful student is you!

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