Time is Money. Learn Japanese!


Don't wait! Waiting is wasting time and money!

Time is the same as money.
The time that you just consider to start Japanese or not, is also money. Because we are getting old.
The age doesn’t matter but also matters.
For example, If you are young, you can work hard and save money and go to Japan.
But if you are 50 years old, working hard is very tough.
Time is money. If you are young, don’t waste your time and money.

The Japanese language is not an easy language. But If you have Japanese language skills, there are so many opportunities. I strongly suggest having this opportunity, as young as you can.
Today is your youngest day. There are so many opportunities, but whether you take them or not, is up to you.
And very few people challenge new things, difficult things, and rare things, that’s why they are successful.
Learning Japanese is very rare and not easy, that’s why it’s a chance especially if you like the Japanese language and Japan!

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