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What do we need to practice for natural Japanese conversation?

Hi! My name is Terumi. Thank you so much for reading my newsletter!
As you know, I couldn’t speak English for more than 20 years.
Now I became 4 language speaker without grammar study.
I just care how can I speak naturally and nicely for the native people. 
When I haven’t realized that I don’t need to study grammar so hard
in order to be able to speak.
I was trying to study grammar and memorize vocabulary.
The biggest mistake was
I didn’t simulate myself when I speak to the people.
That’s why when I met foreigners I was just freezing.❌
Are you studying Japanese?
But you don’t know what
should you say to Japanese people today?
Most Japanese people who you will meet in the future is
the Japanese strangers or in the company interview right?
That’s why my lessons are focusing on the most
useful phrases that you can use for the Japanese stranger and company interview.
NOT Takeshi san Mary san conversation that Not your situation. 
The worst scenario is that you are just freezing all the time or
you make them feel bad because you chose the wrong phrase😭
First of all,
you need to know your basic self-introduction.
Otherwise, Japanese strangers and interviewers will not talk to you,
Because your face has a message that “I can’t speak Japanese”
We native Japanese don’t believe the foreigner can speak Japanese.
Because most foreigners really don’t speak well.
That’s why at least you need to introduce yourself perfectly🔥
You need to break this common image with your perfect self-introduction.🔥
otherwise, you are saying
“I can’t speak at all. so don’t talk to me in Japanese.
Please speak English” 
Then Japanese people feel ” I can’t speak English. so I won’t talk bye-bye”
Would you like to speak Japanese nicely so you can make 
Japanese people WOW!! Wonderful!!!!
Again you can’t speak Japanese…
If you really want to speak Japanese,
You need correct exercises. Not just doing grammar, vocabulary 
and Mary san Takeshi san conversation.
You need the best story about you in Japanese.
✅Terumi’s method HOW TO DO THE TRAINING for your Japanese
speaking skills.
To stimulate yourself to do the most possible conversation in Japan.
Mary, Takeshi conversation In Genki book is not about your life!
Don’t help your real conversation.
Your Japanese speaking is about your life!
1, You can introduce yourself perfectly.
Your nationality, your country, the reason why you are here,
what are you doing, what kind of person, job, hobby, etc
2, You can ask them who they are? to get to know each other nicely!
Don’t speak only you! Not polite! The conversation is GIVE AND TAKE!
3, You have the best reaction after their talking.
Wow, You are amazing!!
I love it!! そんけいしています!
you have the best reaction in Japaense
with Japanese way polite, humble way.
Let’s focus on the best Japanese conversation!
You can get a better job in Japan, You can meet better people in Japan!
 Your conversation skills will bring more people and more opportunities!✊

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