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What should you memorize to speak Japanese?

Hi! This is Terumi!
I hope you like my newsletter!
This newsletter is for the person who wants to make a progress every day at Japaense speaking and who can’t wait for 20 years to have actual Japaense speaking skills.
When you study Japanese, 
What is the worst thing?
Forgetting something every single day and nothing gaining every single day.⬇️
You know that the Japanese language is not an easy langeuge.
But if you are gaining your Japaense speaking skills every day,
I’m sure you can achieve your goal such as living, working in Japan,
meet Japaense people, make Japaense friends, etc.✴️
But If you are forgetting every day,
Your money, time, and efforts will be nothing.🚮
We all know that you can’t keep studying this way.
Because it’s never going to end or maybe it’s going to be zero again.
Otherwise, we will lose money, time, and effort in everything!
Our method is to learn how to improve your Japanese speaking skills 
That’s why you can see your results in 2 months which is 60 days of progress.
So, Why is memorization so important?🤔
Some people may say that memorization is not studying.
I’m gonna say No too.
Memorization is the greatest training to speak Japaense perfectly✅
The greatest singer has the greatest training and repetition.✅
The greatest karate player has the greatest training and repetition.✅
The greatest presenter has the greatest training and repetition.✅
Would you like to be the greatest Japanese speaker?
If yes,
Please memorize the correct phrases and learn how to use them,
and do the training and repeat many times to be the greatest Japanese speaker.
Not sitting and study quietly.
This is not training for gaining our speaking skills.
Otherwise, we can be just very slow speakers by looking at our textbook, not sure what should we speak, and never stop making mistakes in grammar.
Why do children learn to speak quickly without studying grammar?
The children are the fastest learner in the world.🌍
They memorize the most frequently used phrases with a mother and
They can speak perfectly without any knowledge of grammar.
Why we adults are super slow to start speaking Japanese?
Because we are not memorizing anything just learning new things every day without using our mouth.👄
You can definitely be a Japanese speaker in just 2 months😃
We have 60 days to make a progress.
The problem is NOT making progress every day 
and forgetting every day.
Say goodbye to your old study that can’t make a progress every day.
You can change your life.
You can make your dream come true.
Don’t give up on yourself.
The loser doesn’t move forward.
But the winner has an action today✊🔥🇯🇵

The QuickStart Course

3 hours long value-packed lesson to learn how to train your Japanese speaking skills on your own  today.

2 Months Japaense Master Course

One-on-one session and group session to master your Japaense speaking. Lifetime valued course.

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