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Why does Japanese grammar study suck? Why you will never be able to speak it.

I used to dream of being able to speak English like a native American.

When I started studying English,
I had to go through a huge amount of spelling practice,
vocabulary practice, and grammar.

In a Japanese study, I would say.

Spelling is kanji.

I wanted to be able to speak English well,
but all I did was practice spelling.

5-year-olds are native speakers
even if they don’t know how to spell.

Random word studies like
washing machine, etc.
are pointless.
After 100 words,
are you sure can you speak correctly?

No way.

Small children are capable of daily conversation
without word practice.
And grammar.

Native children can speak fluently
without any knowledge of grammar.

Why is it that adults can’t speak
after so many years of study?

When I was dreaming of being able to speak English,
I used to do these exercises.

I eat
I’m eating
I ate
I was eating
I have eaten
I had eaten
I have been eating
I had been eating
I don’t eat
I’m not eating
I was not eating
I haven’t eaten
I hadn’t eaten
I haven’t been eating
I hadn’t been eating

Should I do this with each word?
Imagine you do it in Japanese?


Do you think that Japanese people
will be able to speak English fluently one day
with this kind of practice?

Add to that, spelling, and vocabulary,
and a natural way of speaking.

This way of studying will not be possible in 100 years.

That’s why none of the Japanese can speak it.
That’s why many Japanese learners can’t speak Japanese.
This is because the study method is completely wrong.

I was born and raised in Japan for 30 years,
and at the age of 35,
I can speak English and Greek.
Now I am practicing German with our method.

I can say adults can be bilingual or trilingual.

I can speak English and Greek at the age of 35,
because I have found that

studying grammar is bullshit.
Don’t waste your time.

What is Japan Language Factory?

We are specialists in Japanese conversation and communication.
All of our teachers are native Japanese speakers.
Japan Language Factory is a fully online school based in London. Our students come from all over the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, India, Europe, and Japan.

Problems with current Japanese language education.

1. Lack of conversation training.
2. More than 2,500 kanji and more than 50,000 words in Japanese are difficult to learn and make results.
3. JLPT (Japanese Proficiency Test) does not lead to conversation skills at all.
4. There are few Japanese who can speak English well.
5. The method of studying Japanese is not clear.

Common voices of Japanese language learners.

1. I am studying Japanese, but I can’t speak at all. Maybe just greetings…
2. Listening is difficult.
3. Cultural differences between Japan and the West make it difficult to communicate.
4. I don’t know the difference between rude and polite phrases.
5. I don’t know how to use grammar or vocabulary.

Professional Speaking/Communication Training to boost your Japanese skills.

Total 30 sessions to master Japanese speaking and communication skills to achieve your goal and improve your speaking skills from zero to business levels.

Why is Japan Language Factory chosen
by the world?

Japan Langauge Factory is an international online Japanese speech coaching school.
We are specialists in Japanese conversation and communication.
All of our coaches are native Japanese speakers to teach you our method to become a Japanese speaker in 2 months.

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