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Why you should not translate from English into Japanese.

Why you should not translate from English into Japanese.
When you are trying to speak Japanese, are you trying to translate from English to Japanese?🧠😬

Translating from English to Japanese
can cause you to speak unnatural or rude Japanese.
Here are some reasons why you should never translate from English into Japanese.
🚨Reason 1: Japanese culture is completely different
from Western culture.

It is normal to speak in English, but it sounds very impolite when you speak in Japanese.
🚨Reason 2: While you are trying to translate,
time passes and you can’t say anything.

You want to speak, but you can’t speak fast enough because your mind is trying to translate.
🚨Reason 3: I always make grammatical mistakes 
when I translate and speak in my head.

Afraid to speak because you’re not sure if the grammar is correct or not.
This is the translation trap that 99% of Japanese learners are trapped in.
Strategies for improvement
1. Stop translating and learn the standard phrases
that Japanese people often use.

By learning the phrases, you can make your conversation more natural.
2. Stop translating and learn standard phrases
that Japanese people often use to speed up the conversation.

Not only will your conversations become more natural,
but your conversational speed will also increase rapidly.
3. Stop translating and learn phrases.

Your grammatical mistakes will decrease dramatically.
By learning phrases, grammar errors are greatly reduced.

You will be able to speak with more confidence.✊
You cannot just hope and let time passes.
NO HOPE, Find the method.

Learn the method, train yourself to speak, and start making progress today.

Certain growth and progress will come
from today’s method of knowledge and training.

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